1. Last Day Of School

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It's the last day of grade eight, and still my only friend is my twin brother Ben.
We moved to Derry Maine at the start of the school year as a fresh start, and I thought people would be nicer, but nobody has been that nice.
A boy named Bill Denborough has said hello to me which was nice and a couple other people have said hello occasionally but nothing more then that.
I am about to leave when a boy with curly black hair and big glasses approaches me.
I stare at him for a bit to admire his beautiful looks, and I don't even notice him talking to me. " Hey new girl, can you move? You're blocking the door to get out of this hell hole." The boy says.
" Oh, sorry! I didn't realize." I say as I move over for him.
"No biggie, I'm Richie Tozier. What's your name new girl?"
"First of all I have been here for a year, which doesn't make me new anymore, and second my name is Iyla Hanscom." I snap back at him.
"Wow, you're a feisty one. Well I got to go, have a good summer."
"Thanks, you too." I say as he walks away.
I feel myself blushing so I decide to go to the washroom to check it out.
I walk into the girls washroom when I hear the voice of Greta Bowie yelling " you're trash, we just wanted to remind you." At a closed stall. I spot two girls about to dump a trash bag into the stall. I quickly run over to them and grab the bag before they could dump it.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I yell at them.
"Teaching the slut a lesson" Greta says.
"Well schools out, so bye, bye." I snarl at them as they walk away.
The closed stall opens and it reveals Beverly Marsh.
"Thanks for sticking up for me, those girls are bitches." She says.
"No problem." I shrug.
"What's you name?" She asked.
"Iyla Hanscom." I answered.
"Cool, my name is.."
"Beverly Marsh, I know." I say cutting her off.
"Hey you want to hang out tomorrow?" She suggests.
"Sure" I say shocked.
"Meet me at Keene's drug store at 1:00"
"Ok" I say as she starts to walk away.
Cool, I mutter to myself.

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