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Orin’s eyes are squarely on me as he walks toward me at his normal, non-vampiric, speed. He’s being cautious I realize, trying to scare the wildlife before he can catch it in his net. He’s face-to-face, well considering our height difference, more like chest to face by the time he reaches me. His hand is equally slow and calculated as he lifts it to caress my cheek with his fingertips.

My eyes close on their own accord as the molten fire in my body builds under my skin. My wings twitch and shiver in pleasure making Orin chuckle huskily. He’s enjoying the evidence that he effects me because let’s face it he’s a man. No matter his diet preferences he is very much a victim of male pride and my body’s obvious admission won’t do anything more then stroke his ego.

Damn wings.

“May I?” he asks quietly.

I open my eyes to see him looking down at me with a small smile pulling at his lips. His fingers slide off my cheek and down my neck before curling around my bare shoulder as they take their wicked caresses towards my back. Ah, now I see, he wants to touch my wings. He has some weird fascination with them.

Hesitantly I nod and watch him closely as he takes a step to the side. My ten-foot wing expanse is probably impressive to most but Orin isn’t the least bit impressed with the size. It’s my feather he seems more interested in touching. I don’t take my eyes of him, weary of what this means, as he closely inspects my jet black and still wet with blood extensions.

“They match the color of your hair.” He mumbles, almost to himself. “Was it always that shade?”

I shake my head, “No. I used to be as blonde as Edie. It changed when I hit ten.”

“Why?” he asks not looking away from his inspection.

“I don’t know. That was when all of this happened. The shadows, the wings and even the feeding all began around then. I figured it was just puberty.”

He lifts an eyebrow, “Puberty?”

“What? I assume even you went through puberty.” I snap defensively.

He huffs a laugh through his nose, “Oh I did. I just can’t picture you as a ten year old with golden hair and pigtails.”

“Your such an ass.” I grumble.

My wings shake violently at my agitation while my shadows swirl a bit. I’ve let them free to explore so I don’t even bother holding them back. Orin seems to notice this and shoots me a wide-eyed look. Ha, the big bad vamp is scared of a few shadows and twitchy wings. I never thought I’d see the day.

“You know your making me reconsider this whole not hating you thing.” I inform him with a deadly glare.

He smirks at me and winks, “Oh you’ll always come around to my way of thinking, Angel. I can damn near guarantee it.”

“Good looks and charm will only get you so far, Orin.” I say with an eye roll.

I’m brought out of my petulant mood instantly when his fingers caress my feathers along the length of my wing length. My arms fall from the limb's crossed position and stay tense at my side while my hands ball into fists. My teeth dig into my lower lip to fight back the moan building in my throat as my eyes fall closed. It’s like trigger straight to my gut that makes goosebumps break across my skin in pleasure. The building lava movement in my veins is more like a wildfire now making me want nothing more but to smash my mouth to his.

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