The Disturbed Nerd

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                                          Even though she acts like nothing's wrong.


                                                    Just maybe..She's pretty good at lieing.

She sits in the back of the classroom.

With only a few friends.

She always has her head down.

..Her head in the books.

Most people will think she's a loner.

..Only caring about A's..and.

Getting good grades.

But, no one knows the real her.

..Except for her firends.

..But what her friends don't know. far she'll go.

They don't know.

When she has her head in the books.

What she's reading.

She'll lie and say she's reading.

"Help For the Blind".

..When really.

..She's reading about suicide.

Sometimes instead of reading.

She'll sometimes slit her wrists.

..No one ever notice.

..She says it's a science trick.

Everyone walks away.

With no interest at all.


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