Mother day speical 2

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Sorry this took so long, my laptop got busted so I had to wait for my school to give me a new one, this was already saved on my docs so I tried all week to get it and post it on my phone but didn't here you go sorry if it sucks. This was kinda rushed and I allowed my friend to finish it cause she begged. Here you go a sort of colab chapter



"Don't talk to me"

Rosemary ducked her head, "Cory please I'm sorry but-", "....I'm not angry at you mother" he said shooting a glare at Alex who was sitting a few feet away. The wolf looked at both angels, the tension was so thick that you could drown in it, "Alex we should leave him" she said making the first archer nod silently as she stood to her feet and walked out of sight. "I'll be back" Rosemary said running after her, Cory waited for her to disappear from sight before pulling his cloak over his head. Cory never liked crying, it made him feel weak and helpless and ever since those demons arrived he hated showing weakness but now he just need a reason to cry. Cory was confused, why did she leave me he thought as he pulled on the wings on his back. Why just why he thought gripping his cloak.

Rosemary bounded after Alex, "Alex please understand this isn't your fault" she called hoping she would turn around and look at her. Alex gave a slightly chuckle, "You remind me of someone Rose, she said the same thing". Rosemary stopped to catch her breath, "This is my fault no matter what you say". Alex turned to face the wolf tears running down her face, "My life is hell, I lost the trust of all my brothers and now I lost the trust in the child I thought I didn't want but in reality I'm the problem", Rosemary shook her head. "Alex you were scared you were so used to being alone but-", "Rosemary I'm almost 200 years old, I was cursed with immortality and it's the worst hell I could live in. I've watch my friends die and grow old without me and when Notch gave me this child...I couldn't live with the guilt". The wolf was shocked, "Alex....but you-", "I know I look like someone in her mid 20s but in reality I'm gonna outlive you and possibly Cory, he has no father, I didn't birth him. Notch gave him to me". The wolf fell silent at a loss for words, "I have seen the first generation of ender dragons, I've seen the second fall and now I see the third grow and rule. I've seen my brothers son and daughter struggle to find their destiny, I've seen Steve search for his children....our life if hell. MY life is hell, do you think I want that life for Cory".

Rosemary shook her head, "Alex....I'm so sorry but no amount of pity could take back the years and bloodshed you've seen", Alex shook her head. "No it can't but I still thank you for raising him", "He's stubborn but a sharp shooting, he gets that from you". Alex looked over her eyes catching the setting sun, "What plans do you have for me" she asked the sun god who was watching from above. Alex sighed deeply, "I know when I'm not wanted, I should head back to my home" she said pulling her green cloak over her head, "No please stay a while" Rosemary said jumping in front of her. "That's a nice gesture but I'll just cause trouble" Alex said but Rosemary growled, "Your not gonna let me leave are you", "Not a chance" the she wolf yelled making Alex sigh. "One day but then I'm gone" she said making Rosemary step aside, "It's better for you to be here with people instead of being alone in that fort of yours" she said walking back into the forest. Alex shook her head and looked to see the sun vanish behind the horizon, "Thank you Notch" she whispered before walking into the brush.


When Cory awoke he was surprised to find the ginger awake as well, "Morning Cory" she greeted as she used her sword to sharpen the arrow heads. Cory looked over to see Rosemary still fast asleep, her ears twitching everyone and a while. "How long have you been awake" he asked seeing that the sun was just breaking over the horizon, "About a couple of hours now, it's a habit" Alex said standing up and sheathing her diamond sword. "Getting up early to start the day, hunt, make food and then do a little mining", "You do that everyday". Alex nodded, "It was a routine me and my brothers used to do....before the incident". Alex shook her head, "God I need more flint" she told herself before leaving the cave and going off into the woods mumbling. Cory rolled his eyes before stretching his tired limbs, he noticed that the ginger left her bow and arrows behind. Cory slowly edged his way and pulled one of the many arrows in the quiver out, it was of fine quality. The steel tipped arrow was possibly dipped in some sort of potion, the arrowhead was sharp but Cory didn't dare to touch the head in case the potion was a poison or even worse. Alex's bow was even more impressive, for years of living alone and fighting off mobs in the dead of night improved her craftsman ship. The bow was made of strong birch wood, small engravings were made in the wood and the bow string was strong and sturdy.

Cory notched an arrow in the bow before pulling the bow string back testing it and was surprised when it pulled back effortlessly, with such strong material for the bow string he didn't expect it to be able to pull back like nothing. Cory noticed the slight purple glow of various enchantments of the bow, from fire, punch, power and infinity. How the hell did she get all these enchantments on a single weapon, Cory put the bow down and the arrow back in it's quiver. That was a powerful weapon, a weapon suitable for the first archer of Minecraftia. Cory looked at his own bow, his craftsmanship could use work but his own weapon isn't as powerful as Alex's. He used normal iron tipped arrows, no potions and no enchantments. Cory sighed deeply, he would never reach the power of his mothers even if he tried. Cory froze as Rosemary shifted and yawned, she woke up. "Morning" Cory greeted putting the bows down, "Mhh morning pup" Rosemary said still drowsy. "Hey Rose finally awake" Alex said walking back in with a few pieces of flint in her hand, "Good to see you to Alex" the she wolf greeted. Alex put the flint in her satchel before picking up her bow, "I'm going out to hunt, wanna join me" she asked. "Cory why don't you go with her, I know you don't like her but you might as well get to know Alex", Cory sighed deeply. "It's not everyday you meet the Alex" Rosemary said as Cory stood up and picked up his bow and quiver of arrows. "We'll be back Rose" Alex said, "Be careful and try not to be rude, I raised you better" she said to Cory making the young angel roll his eyes.

Maybe he can deal with this maybe


Candles burned with purple fire as a large beast laid in the center of the large room, Corruption laid in the center of the room. A large dark purple circle with very complicated designs was hidden under the dark purple blanket he laid on, darkness curled around his paws as his eyes scanned the pages of his book. Drinking in every word and letter on the tan pages of the book, his claws lightly felt the red leather cover before the book was once more engulfed in purple magic keeping it afloat. Corruption's large black wings were laid out neatly beside him while his tail curled around his paws in a graceful manner, the dark god gave a loud yawn. " long are you just gonna sit and stare Duni" Corruption said in a less irritated but more curious tone, Duni wagged his tail lightly as the dark god turned his gaze to him. The pug has been sitting there for almost two hours, "Can't I just stay here" Duni asked as Corruption gave a slightly huff causing the book to close. "Shouldn't you be up stairs with the others" he asked as Duni stop up and held up a book, "happy parent day". Corruption titled his head as the pug smile brightly, Corruption lifted the book with his magic and looked at the cover, Lord of the flies. A book he hasn't read yet, strange how did he know. Corruption scanned the the pages and skimmed through the text, "Thank you Duni, though you know I'm not classified as a parent" he said lightly but didn't break the pugs smile as he hugged the dragon's huge paw that was bigger than his head. Corruption allowed a slightly chuckle to pass his lips as he ran his claws over his head in a petting motion, how did someone like him created this barrel of sunshine, he won't question it. After all Duni is his second favorite demon, "So can I stay" Duni asked. Corruption gave a loud huff, "Fine" he said as he opened his new book and began reading. He almost jumped as Duni snuggled under his large wing, the dark god rolled his eyes, sometimes he underestimates the lengths Duni will go for a snuggle.

Corruption didn't know when he fell asleep or why he did but when he awoke he was surprised by the amount of warmth on his scales. When did everyone else get down here he thought shifting his wings to take a look at the rest of the demons he created, Corruption sighed. Almost every creation he had was sleeping under his wings, well except for Don but he doesn't count. "I'm getting to soft" he said lying his head on his paws with a yawn, his tail moved to wrap around Duni and Ddawn while he shifted his wings to cover Dashlie and Dres from the purple candle light. Who said he didn't care for his creations. 


So we get a it of Alex's backstory and how she really feels about leaving Cory

We also get some Fatherly Corruption, I always wondered what he could do if the D gang turned into babies

So heres the basic jist

Alex was created by the gods so she so can be related to the gods in a way, so Corruption is kinda Cory's uncle or grandfather in a way if you think about in a way since all the gods Notch, Irene, Corruption, Alexander, Eve and Adam are related to each other in a sibling way. Though not really but I find it funny thinking of the family reunion, Cory doesn't like Corruption at all after the whole I'm gonna take over the world and make evil clones of your friends bit. 

That is why you should make deals with evil beings

Looking at you gravity falls

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