A/N dead by daylight

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To brighten things or darken things up the next chapters will be about my personal au of the newscape gang as dead by daylight killers because they released a new killer call the clown.

....yeah not Pennywise but still good enough

So yeah this will focus on the gang as killers

My opinion on who becomes killers usually depend on who they play all the time or who I belivie they will be better as depending on how they played them or well my personal opinion

Okay here we go

Nick- The nurse

Was there really any doubt, Nick being the nice nurse is offical. Well in the DBD au Nick the nurse is a very shy individual who likes to stalk his prey from a far. He does have medical knowledge though he uses it more to hurt then cure. Hes the second shortest in the gang, properly an omega

Ashlie- The doctor

Yea medical trio, I dont know why but I just love the idea of Ashlie the crazy doctor. I was thinking of the Hag or Huntress since their female but I liked the doctor better. Ashlie is one of most vicious members of the gang next to Cory and maybe Uni. She is into torturing her victims and using them for the 'good' of medical science. She and Nick are best friends, maybe possible ship I dont knkw. Despite being insane she is the leader of the group and the most mature, surprisingly. Obviously an Alpha.

Uni- The trapper

Okay this one is a tough one and I havent decided on Uni yet. I dont have a backstory for him but I'll let you guys decide on his backstory in the comments. I will choose the best backstory in the comments that will be his offical bsck story if not I will make one up

Jon- The Wraith

The very first killer this dude played as. I dont see Jon as the killer type, no matter all those salty times. Jon is the one in the group that doesnt like the idea of killing and putting people on hooks. He has made friends with some of the survivors and has even helped some, along with his ability to turn invisible he is very quiet and keeps to himself. No one likes him because of his pacifist nature. Omega rank.

Cory- The shape

I know Cory doesn't play DBD but I feel like he would fit the role as Michael Myers because well he has a knife, Cory had a knife in undertale there you go. Cory is the edgy I hate everyone person in the group, he does keep to himself and is a lone wolf. He goes off by himself alot and isnt around alot, he and Uni get along well because of their sadistic nature. Not much is know about Cory. Alpha rank.

Dawn- The survivor

Dawn isnt a killer, I never saw him as one no matter how many times I try. Dawn was kept around by the killers after he was left for dead by his fellow survivors. He has grown used to being around killers and his habit of not talking alot helped him get by. He has no strong connection with anyone and just does the killers bidding, when it's just to do chores for them or help them lure in other survivors he has no choice but to do it. He has kept a journal about all the information of all the killers hes around. Natural rank.

Tommy- The hillbilly

Shall I say no more about Tom. Tommy the craziest person and surprisingly the most sane person. He loves his chainsaw more then anything in the world and likes to mess with everyone no matter how much they hate him. Omega rank.

I'm gonna be honest the D gang really dont have any place in this Au and if they did they would he survivors but this is ask Uni and the D gang so yeah. In this Au survivors can go through a transformation that makes them turn to killing. If they fall to insanity and kill their own they will be trap and be controlled by the entity.

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