Random 2k special

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Another 2k special, this one was kinda random


"Why do you do this to yourself" Ddawn asked as he was patching Don's hands up, "Dashlie pushed me so it was her fault" he yelled making the demon roll his eyes, why is he stuck with these idiots. "Your not suppose to touch my roses Don, everyone even Duni understands that rule perfectly", Don pouted and rubbed his bandaged hands, "How was I supposed to know that they were enchanted". Ddawn face palmed, this idiot is unbearable. "Touch my roses again and I'll leave you to be their next meal" he threatened leaving the dark jester alone, Don mumbled a sorry as Ddawn grabbed a cup of water and pour it in the glass vase that held his blood red roses. He watched as a fly landed on the flowers before it was snapped up by the petals, did you really believe he had normal roses, no his flowers are killers and only allow those they like to water them or even walk into their garden. They always catch birds that stray to close and eat them without a second thought, so far the roses allow Dres and Dashlie, even Duni into the garden others like Dommy and Dory they hate. Don looked at his tattered clothing wondering what got over him to enter the garden that could kill him, he's been trying too hard to get Ddawn to like him but everytime he tries it backfires. Dory hasn't been so successful with Duni and got friendzoned last week when Duni said he loves him like a brother, it wasn't a fun week. Don even resorted to Ashlie for help but not even her can help her win the demons heart, he's running out of ideas and time, Dory said he gave up but Don isn't a quieter and will win Ddawn's heart.


Dinner was silent like usually, Dommy threw his scraps at the monster roses in the vase allowing the plant to devour what once was drumstick. Don flinched as the flowers tore it up like piranhas in the amazon, Dashlie was texting someone as she ate silently, Dres and Ddawn were talking silently over some red wine while Duni red the flowers the stuff he didn't want to eat. Dory was just pushing his food away obviously not hungry while Don was trying to get his shit together so he could tell Ddawn his feelings. Don tried to block out the sounds to think but the hungry growls of the flowers made him grip the table, "You okay Don" Duni asked seeing the jester tense up grabbing everyone's attention, "Im fine" he growled between clenched teeth. Ddawn raised an eyebrow before putting his glass down with a deep sigh, "Don". The jester turned his head to the android, Dommy took this time to leave with Dory while Dashlie pulled out her earbuds to listen to the drama that was about to break out. "I don't love you", Don lowered his head, "But they-". Ddawn growled making Don shut up "Don we are not those newscape idiots, I don't care if Dawn and Jon are dating. WE AREN'T THEM". "Wow harsh" Dashlie spoke up as he threw a piece of meat at the flowers say, "I'm sorry Don" Ddawn growled practically forcing himself to say sorry to this demon, "But I would never love you even if it kills me". Silence, "And you wonder why your Corruptions least favorite" Dres said in Don's direction as he got up from the table and stretched.

"Hey Dash wanna grab a drink with me in town" the vampire asked as the albino nodded and pulled her wallet from her pocket, both demons left the tense room as Duni looked around for a way to escape. Don clenched his teeth before getting up, "He's right you know, I may of been a mistake to have made you" Ddawn said about to leave the room before Don grabbed his arm making the android look back at him. "...Don't you dare say his name" Don growled as Ddawn snarled as he pulled his arm out of his grip, "I can say whatever the damn I want!!!", "Say anything else but him!!!" Don yelled making Duni look at both demons confused what was going on. Ddawn narrowed his eyes before grabbing the jester and throwing him to the ground, "Listen you little shit, I made YOU because he ordered me, if he didn't ordered me I won't have made you!!!", "I don't care" Don yelled. "Don please shut up" Duni begged afraid of this getting out of hand, "All he is is an asshole who has no respect for any of us!! Would you rather be a slave to him then-", "tais-toi" (shut up) . Don froze he went too far this time, Ddawn snapped his fingers making thorn covered vines wrap about the jester making Don hiss in pain. "How dare you talk about our creator like that" Ddawn snarled resisting every urge to strangle him, "Everything we do is for him and because of him I won't kill you but listen to my warning. If he hears this from you, he will kill you Don. Not like he had a use for you to begin with", Ddawn released him making Don panted roughly and look up at Ddawn. Duni looked up at Ddawn as Don resisted the urge to break down in front of the demon, "I would never love you, understood".

Don nodded feeling tears run down his face, Duni ears fell back as Ddawn left the room. "Don are you-", "Just leave Duni". The dark pug nodded and took the vase of roses before leaving the room, Don sniffled and buried his head into his knees, he wished Duni left the roses so he could allow the flowers to kill him. "Why the hell was I even made" Don asked himself looking at the bloody marks the thorns left on his skin, he has no special abilities like Dommy and Duni. He isn't strong like Dashlie and Dres, he can't even do magic like Ddawn. Dory seems to outshine him as well, Don's eyes landed on the shadows that grew as the sun began to set, it was like the dark god was mocking him. Don stood up and licked the black blood on his hand, "I'm just a worthless servant to you aren't I" he said to the shadows expecting response but none came. The demon soon went to cover his wounds, Took him long enough Ddawn thought as he watched Don question his existence, he never liked Don not in a romantic way not in a friendly way. Ddawn hated the demon and wished he never existed to begin with, Don had no use to the team and even his own creator disliked him. If Don wasn't a demon the others would of kicked him out by now or Dres would of killed him or left him for dead. "Damn démon, sans valeur comme poubelle" (Damn démon, worthless as trash). "Ddawn" the android turned to see Duni, "Yes" he asked as the pug looked down and just handed him the roses.

"You left these behind" he said as to leave but Ddawn grabbed him and pulled him into his chest, Duni blushed deeply, "reste avec moi ma chérie" (stay with me darling), Duni still not skilled in french gulped. "Your not gonna tell on me right" Duni asked as the mage shook his head, "No cherie, you haven't done anything wrong beside you are his third favorite so it wouldn't be fair for you to get in trouble when you did nothing wrong". Duni felt lightly happy he wasn't gonna get in trouble today unlike last time, Ddawn ruffled the dog's fur making Duni tail wag slightly. The android put the killer roses on the top of their bookshelf which no one but him uses, "So umm what now. I believe Dommy and Dory left somewhere and Dashlie left with Dres to go into town so it's just you me and well Don" the pug said as Ddawn looked back to see if Don left the kitchen or not but changed his mind and didn't bother looking. "Why don't we work on your french" he suggested as Duni gave a quick okay making Ddawn chuckled as Duni looked around the bookshelf and pulled out the book that one person that he didn't bother to learn her name gave him, "You know I love you right" Ddawn said as Duni sat down on the couch. "Maybe...though I was getting mixed signals for a couple of weeks now" he admitted making Ddawn chuckle. "We'll then I love you" he said making Duni blushed, "You mean like romantic or umm friend love" he asked as Ddawn laughed softly, "The first one". "O-oh" Duni shuttered as Ddawn patted his head, "I know its a weird feeling well maybe not for you but for me" he said as Duni just buried his face into his book. Why was today such a weird day.   

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