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I just realized we reached 1k, when every one of my books reach 1k I usually ask people what they want me to do for this special occusion, I usually provide a short fanfic or some backround about my back story for a certin character since I like others have my own universe, so if you guys want some backround or want to know the back story of the newscapepro crew or even Duni and the others I will be glad to give it to you

There will be some spoilers for my book Corrupted angel for those who haven't read it since this is where there backstory comes from, so if you guys want a backstory ask or if you want to know something and if you guys can't think of anything I'll write something that I hope you all enjoy

key word hope

new chapter will be up either tommorow or in a few days

Many of you might not know who this guy is

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Many of you might not know who this guy is

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