chapter three.

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Lauren Renee Brooks🧡

"Can't nobody stop me, but me!"

I was up and ready for my first day back to school. I enjoyed summer but I was ready to get this year over with, so I can graduate. Yes, its my senior year and I'm overly excited. I was finally at my last step of high school, and nothing could stop me.

I was confident that this year was going to be my best!

"Lauren get up and get ready for school," my mom spoke from behind my door. I was already up and already dressed. She didn't know that but oh well.

I finished applying the makeup to my face, I looked at myself in my long mirror. "Damn I'm fine!" I thought. I had on a white bodysuit, with a denim skirt and some gold platform sandals with my oversized jean jacket. My hair was pulled back into a nicely tight bun. Even though Cali was hot, the school was cold as fuck.

I walked out my room and seen my little sister Riley still in her robe. If they was riding with me then they better hurry up because I refuse to be late on my first day.

"Riley what are you doing? I'm leaving shortly and if you riding with me then you better hurry up." I stated.

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