chapter two.

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Lauren sat on the bathroom toilet, crying her eyes out. She couldn't believe what she was looking at. The results were enough to push her to her breaking point. She had taken three pregnancy test just in case the first one wasn't what she wanted, but all three tests weren't what she wanted.

And there they were all lined up on the counter with 2 lines going across indicating that she was indeed pregnant. How many months? She didn't know but she knew that her life was about to make another major change.

She had known that she was pregnant, she had been picking up weight, eating more, throwing up and even missed her period. She had all the symptoms of a pregnant woman and still denied it.

She knew her life was over now and she hated that she even moved to Harlem. At that moment, she hated her parents for making her move, because every since then her life was out of control.

Her grades had slipped, she was on the verge of not graduating and now this!

"What am I going to do with a child." She cried silently.

Nobody noticed her sudden changes or her sudden sickness because everybody was in their own worlds. Nobody cared about her and her once caring parents, didn't even know she was on the verge of not graduating.

It was two o'clock in the morning and she had school in a few hours. She wasn't feeling good going to school, but she had already missed so many days. School use to be her life and now it was something that she dreaded going too.

Getting up from the toilet and taking all three-pregnancy test and putting them under the sink. She made her way to her connected room and got in her bed. She snuggled up under the covers and from instinct put her hands over her stomach. She knew she only had a few hours to sleep until her mother comes to knocking on her door.

She said a silent prayer and let sleep take over.

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