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I walked into the bedroom, the lights off and early streams of warm sunlight peeking through her balcony windows, only then to be cut into ribbons by the curtains. Her scent swirled in the air, accompanied by her soft breaths as she began to drift out of REM sleep and into the waking world. Leaving behind her dreams in the darkness of her unconsciousness.

I didn’t enjoy watching her sleep, she looked nearly dead and it wasn’t comforting for me. I enjoyed it more when I could sleep with her and be dead. Unlike other Vampires I did not ‘die’ at sunrise, my Day-walker curse allowed me to choose when and for how long I slept. In reality I didn't need to sleep at all, but it helped comfort Aderyn when I acted a little but like a human around her.

She groaned rolling over onto her back, her arms flopping out to her sides as she stared at the blank ceiling. Her silver eyes shone in the brightening darkness like stars who’s light fades in the suns arrogant light. Behind those eyes was something dangerous, something very dangerous.

“Mornin’ ” She sighed turning to look at me.

I smiled and walked over to the bed my hands tucked into my pockets. Today was her graduation day, and I would be able to see her take the next step into her life. A life with me.

“Good Morning Rin.” I sat down on the bed and played with a beam of light that ran across my body.

I heard her shift and the blankets fell away, her sleep warm body pressed to my back as her arms wrapped around my shoulders.

“How's your chest?” She asked kissing the right side of my throat.

I arched my head back to look at her, her sleep tousled hair was knotted in big curls and the bruising was beginning to finally fade from her face. I would have gotten angry they had remained so long but she had asked me not to heal them, she wanted to be reminded of what she had survived. Her small hands pressed flat to my chest over the still healing wound inflicted by the bastard Icarus.

“Better, much better. And you? How is your body feeling?”

She smiled and nuzzled my jaw, “Sore, which isn't a surprise after last night.” my face heated, it was a sensation I would never grow used to.

“I was talking about the injuries you refuse to let me heal” I grumbled shutting my eyes.

“I know but I enjoy making you blush like a little boy.” she snickered.

“Are you going to work out this morning or no?” I asked diverting the subject away from my 'boyish' reactions to her.

She cursed and jumped from the bed rushing to the dresser and pulling out little grey shorts and a matching sports bra. I reclined back in the bed and watched her quickly get dressed, I had expected her to wear long sleeved shirts to hide the bruises and cuts she had gotten from our fight with Icarus only a few months back. Instead she wore the scars proudly or as if they were not even there to begin with.

“Do you remember what time the coronation starts?” she asked turning around to face me pulling her hair back in a high ponytail. Her hands paused as she caught me watching her, “Sabe?” She said grinning at me.

“The ceremony starts at noon. You have to be there at eleven to get ready.” I said dragging my eyes up her body making sure everything I wanted covered was covered.

She didn't blush as I blatantly stared at her, she was more ok with our sex life than I was. Hell she was beautiful. From her attitude to her body, and all of it was mine. She was my bride, put on this earth to make me or break me.

“See anything you like?” she asked placing her hands on her hips.

I rose quickly and stepped towards her appearing behind her, she no longer panicked when I moved like that. I breathed in along her throat her pulse dancing sweetly on my tongue.

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