Lovely Dead (Sequel to Lovely Pain)

Lovely Dead (Sequel to Lovely Pain)

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N. Elice By NiraElice Updated Mar 13, 2017


"The image in the book was haunting, like staring into a mirror. I knew her..."

After finally recovering physically from Icarus Leichtan, Aderyn prepares for Graduation and the beginning of her new life with Saebriel. All good things must come to an end and without skipping a beat the Vampire world eagerly kidnaps her and takes her to the one place Saebriel was trying to keep her from.

Forced into participating in the run for a Chair among the Ancients, Sabe must convince Aderyn to fight not only for his life but her own against some of the most sadistic murderers known to the Vampire world. The longer she spends within the walls of the Council and the more she learns about her fiancee the darker her heart becomes.  In this race the darkest wishes are granted, but at a price. (Still in the works)