Chapter 4

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I stayed seated on stage my one leg crossed over the other underneath the fluff of the skirt, my grad gown lay next to me on an empty chair. The Day class students and family had been moved inside to continue celebrating, and have a nice free dinner. I watched the janitorial staff move in-between the seats picking up the little pieces of garbage and tucking them into a black bag which they dragged behind them. I needed to head back to the apartment and get changed, but I couldn’t move. More so I didn’t want to move from this spot, if I got up I would fall back down.

“Aderyn” His voice was calm and almost soothing, but it was also a light sigh. He was irritated but trying not to snap at me, the effort was appreciated.

“I know, I have to get up and move so as to make it to the second ceremony as scheduled” I mimicked him roughly, he let out another heavy sigh and crouched down in front of me placing a hand on my right knee.

“Why do you not wish to graduate Aderyn?” He asked calmly.

I snorted, my nostrils flared and I probably looked like a sneezing hippo. Slowly though the frown settled back in and my eyes dropped to my lap where I clutched the diploma in my hands.

“It’s not that” I muttered giving my head a shake, “I don’t feel right Sabe, I should feel happy but I just can’t.” I hadn’t felt this way before, Saebriels face drew blank and his eyes darted away. Within seconds I felt like a pressure had been lifted from my mind, instantly I knew what had happened. Saebriel hadn’t been guarding me from his mind, I had been feeling what he was feeling. That horrible sense of dread and just utter helplessness.

My eyes narrowed at him, why in the hell did he feel like that? I reached out grabbing hold of his arm stopping him from pulling away from me.

“Sabe talk to me” I pleaded him.

“My fangs have yet to revert, which isn’t a healthy sign for a vampire of my age.”

I let out a deep sigh dropping my head forward, “You think its bloodlust?” I almost laughed it, there was a light snicker to my voice.

“This isn’t amusing Aderyn, if it’s true I will be put to die!” He shouted pushing away from me.

I grabbed my gown and stood as well finding strength in my legs again, “Or this could mean nothing at all. I get the fact that yes you are the vampire with all the vampire answers, but I live with you. Bloodlust only appears in vampires who were either turned by a Bloodlust infected Vampire, or you drink from another vampire of higher power than yourself.” I took a deep breath in, “None of those apply to you Saebriel, fangs also appear when you’re aroused.”

His face flushed a light pink and he turned away from me, I had to press my hand over my mouth at how adorable he was standing there trying to twist his body so I wouldn’t see. It wasn’t the first time I had made him blush like this, but every time he had to try and hide it from me. Big tough scary vampire.

“It can also be a hereditary gene in true-born vampires.” He turned to look at me again his eyes frozen and cold.

I scowled and stood up, Saebriel looked up at me and watched as I raised my foot and kicked him in the shoulder causing him to fall backwards, hard.

“You don’t get to do this today remember?” I shouted at him, “We have to be happy today, because after today I get to marry you. After today is over we have a life together.”

He was on his feet in an instant coming to stand in front of me, “This is why I did not wish to tell you.” He hissed at me.

“Don’t you start with this crap, if I have to talk about my girly emotions then so do you.” I punched him square in the chest and felt pain ring up my forearm.

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