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Tomorrow in the park
Third Person's POV

It was time: for the war criminal, who nearly destroyed the city, and the heroic god to return home. Dr. Selvig took out a capsule to contain the tesseract while tony opened his briefcase which had the glowing, blue cube.

Bruce helped to put the cube in and sealed it shut. After, dr. Selvig handed it to Thor, who patted his shoulder in gratitude. Everyone circled the two gods as Thor nudged the other handle to his mischievous little brother, Loki. The three assassin were enjoying all of this, especially Clint, with a smirk on their faces.

Loki reluctantly grabbed it and Thor twisted it. A Circle of blue lights surrounded them and took them back to their own world.

Now it was their time to part. Steve and Jack went to tony. After Steve and tony shook hands, jack gave him a hug. Tony smiled at them one more time before getting into his car with Bruce and drove off.

He already said his goodbyes to Clint and Natasha, hugging the life out of them, which they didn't mind. Now it left him with only Steve.

"You won't mind if you drop me off before you go, cap?" He asked. He wore a cap that said 'spy' with a surgical mask, black jeans and a dark blue hoodie that said 'I survived New York'

"Sure thing." Steve turned on his motorcycle and he climbed on. "Ready?"

"Always, capt'"

And off they go. They were driving along the road and passing the battlefield, when suddenly Jack had an idea.

He got close to Steve's ear and asked, "Say, captain, are you busy today?"

"N-No, not really." He sputtered a bit at the close contact.

His eyes lit up at the answer and he quickly asked, "then why don't we go to Luna park at Coney Island?! I heard it's really fun! (Comment if you know what I'm talking about.)"

"Luna park? What's that?" He perked up and looked at his comrade in curiosity.

"It's an amusement park, of course! Full of rides and snacks. I've been meaning to go there for awhile now." He said in a eager tone.

"Well.. I got nothing to do today, so why not?" He turned the hand clutch around and headed to Brooklyn.

"Woohoo! You're the best, Steve!" The albino cheered and hugged him from behind. Then let go and  continued cheers of joy, unknown about how flustered the war hero was.

He's so much like her, yet he's not her. What is going on? Steve thought and furrowed his brows in frustration and confusion.

(Disclaimer: Its not made up. It's not mine, either. I just wanted to make sure. Also if I get something wrong about it, please don't hesitate to tell me.)

After riding and talking for awhile, they finally arrived at the amusement park. Steve was somewhat familiar to the new Brooklyn and didn't get lost... Twice.

Jack was thrilled and rushed in after captain parked his motorcycle. Once in, He couldn't help but gawked at the surroundings; rides, food, people laughing and screaming in joy on the more extreme rides. This was something he never got to experience up until now. (due to reasons that will be explain in later books.) And today was surprisingly packed! So many people, so many smiles and the smell of happiness filled the air. He had never been this eager in long time.

However Steve didn't know about jack's reasons and it made him think that he was easy to impress. And for Steve, this whole 'amusement park' thing, was so new to him. As a child, who was born in a warring era, he didn't know of such thing.

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