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In the one of the village in the state called Pennsylvania, lived a small, isolated family. The frost, but as known to the villagers as the cursed. Because of the unusual phenomenons that occurred from time to time, they were labeled as 'Dangerous'. Most villagers avoided them, talking behind their backs and mistreating their child whenever they could when they came to town for supplies.

Most of you would leave this town by their rude gestures, but for them, they had no choice. They were kicked out of numerous towns for the same reason, they had nowhere to go. But here, their mayor refused to believe his villagers' accusation, for he was not superstitious and believed that they just appeared in the wrong place and the wrong time. For that reason, he allowed them to reside in his village. They became good friends and the mayor loved their little boy like he was his own.

Right now, it was early in the morning. Today was their little boy's eleventh birthday. Oh, how thrilled he was when he woke up. Refresh and ready for his big day.

He quickly washed up and ran downstairs into the kitchen. His mom, a woman with black hair and red eyes, wearing a blue dress with an apron, who was the only one presented, was making his breakfast, still unknown by her son's presence until..

"MOM! Guess what?! It's my birthday!" He shouted in excitement, causing his mother to jump and shriek at his outburst, nearly dropping her son's food.

"Jack, what did I tell you about yelling?" She asked sharply.

He became a little less enthusiastic when he saw her tiny glare. "Umm.. Never to yell? But mom! It's my birthday! I'm eleven now." He retorted.

"That doesn't mean you can disobey me, little man. You're still my tiny, little man, remember?" She taunted him about his height.

"MOM! I'm not little anymore! I'm tall." He stomped his little feet on the floor and crossed his arms, pouting.

His mother laughed at her son's adorable reaction. She put the food down on table and walked over. Then she kissed him on his cheek. "No matter how tall or big you are, you're still mommy's little boy. Remember that, sweetie."

He wiped the kiss off and said, "eww! Mom, no kisses. They're gross!"

"You won't say that when you get older. Soon, you're going to find a girl you'll like. But no more chatting. Hurry and eat your breakfast. Your dad is waiting for you outside."

"Really?! Dad's going to play with me today?" Little jack asked with hope sparkled in his eyes.

"Of course! Today is all about you, kiddo. Now hop to it."

He climbed onto his chair and ate super fast. Gulping his glass of milk quickly and rushed to the front door.

"Bye, mom! Be back soon!" He put on his shoes and opened the door.

"Remember to be back home before lunchtime, sweetie!" She yelled from the kitchen.

"Yeah, got it!" And slammed the door shut.

He stepped on the porch of his house and listened for any familiar sounds.

Chop. Chop. Chop.

A smile spread his cheeks as he began to make his way toward the sound. Running in quick pace, he realized that it came from the back of their house and near the lake. Soon, he saw the silhouette of a white haired man wielding an axe and cutting down the tree.

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