Chapter 8: A forgotten memory

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'—' is for the talking in his dream.
'—' is for when both big J and little J talk at the same time
—— is big J's and little j's thoughts

"Gu—" An unknown bomb exploded and threw the people next to the window, out. Those people are Natasha, Bruce, and sadly, Me. I fell down, flat on the floor. Natasha was on my left, and Bruce was on my right. "What... The... Hell..." I cussed. I turned to Bruce, and froze.

Bruce was struggling to stay calm. Green spots were covering him. His muscles were twitching.

"We're okay. We're okay, right?" Natasha whispered softly to Bruce. Seeing that she was stuck, I quietly moved to her. "Doctor? Bruce? You got to fight it. This is just what Loki wants. We're going to be okay. Listen to me." I slowly reached out to the pipes. She shook her head at me, signaling me not to do anything yet. "We're going to be okay. All right? I swear on my life, I will get you out of this and you will walk away, never ever—"

"YoUr lIfE?" He yelled.

Screw it! I split the pipes open and Bruce rolled off to the lower ground. We ran to the stair and glance back at him.

Bad move.

The other guy was here. He stood up and looked straight into my eyes. Into my soul.

We continued to run with him chasing us. Running through the narrow pipe lines, avoiding hulk's grasp as we climbed away and hid behind a bunch of them. Nat had her gun out and I didn't enhance anything on fear of him finding us, 'cause It can get flashy sometimes.

We stood close together, back pressed and guards up. Just when we thought we were safe, he showed up and let out a deafening scream. Natasha shot the steam pipe above his head and we booked it. There were no where to go, except the narrow path ahead of us. A horrible choice, but do we have any other?

As expected, hulk caught on to us and smacked us to the wall. I sandwich'ed Nat before sliding down with her being in my arms. He slammed against the wall before returning his composure. Natasha was trembling at the sight of hulk, eyes widened and gripped my vest tightly. My torso turned ice and braced myself for his next attack.

Thor, suddenly, came out of nowhere and tackled hulk into the next room. The jets room, to be precise.

"Nat, you stay here while I help Thor. Don't go near us. Try to calm yourself down in the meanwhile, alright?" I told her. She nodded at me, still terrified. I grabbed her shoulders and looked at her in the eye, "You are Natasha Romanoff. You dealt with worse as far as I know. You are the most badass spy I ever know. You whooped my ass multiple times in training. Don't let this guy scare you like that.... Not without a fight." I hugged her and left.

I came just in time to see hulk punched Thor and he flew to the other area. I would've screamed in joy at it, but it was serious. I jumped up and kicked him in the face, making him fly backwards. He screamed and came after me. He threw punches, left and right. I dodged it all and tried to attack back. When I did, he grabbed my arm and tossed me away like a ragged doll. I hit the crates and skidded across the floor. I pushed myself back up and felt blood ticking down my face.

He must've changed target because he went the opposite way. I got on my feet and ran as fast as I could to Thor. I saw him swing his hammer at Hulk and he flew back and hit the jet.

I stood behind Thor and he had a few scratches on him. Then We ran at hulk and dodged the jet's wing that he threw at us. Thor returned the favor by throwing his hammer back at him. Hulk tried to catch it but wasn't able to and was pulled off his feet by it.

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