She Has Returned

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Forn, in the simplest terms, was horribly confused. She knew that a part of her was missing and she knew what she was missing. But there was another man, a man she was supposed to love dearly, someone she was supposed to protect. But she did not love this man, in fact she was fairly certain that she disliked this man. And the small ones. She thought that she liked the small ones. But she was watching the small ones, making sure that they did not run away.

But now the man had said that evil men were holding her rider! The thing she knew she cared for! The thing she needed to get back. Perhaps her rider can clear up some of this confusion. She will save him from the evil men, she will rescue him and she will make sure that nobody ever hurts him again.

It did not take her long to find Edoras, the place where the man, her master, had told her where her missing part would be, and as she crept closer and closer, she could feel that empty section beginning to fill itself. She knew she was close.


"Aragorn!" Legolas gasped, clutching at his chest. It was almost a painful reunion, for Forn's presence was no longer warm. It was cold, showing Legolas again that something was very wrong with her. "Aragorn! Forn is here!"

"Are you sure?" Aragorn asked, pulling Legolas to his feet. Legolas nodded, but doubled over in pain as the stabbing feeling returned.

"Please, you have to help her!" Legolas pleaded, his eyes welling up with tears. He was in so much pain with her here, but the pain was present when she was gone. Being without her was killing him, but being with her was killing him faster. Either way, he was dying, and either way it was a painful death.

Aragorn draped the elf's arm over his shoulder, dragging him back inside the kingdom. Screaming at the guards to get ready.

Aragorn quickly deposited Legolas in the throne room, screaming for Gimli. Gimli came forward, and noticing his friend on the ground once again, clutching his chest.

"Aragorn, what is happening?" Gimli asked as he and Eowyn ran to the struggling elf.

"Ignore him," Aragorn said sharply. "She has returned." Gimli's eyes widened and he tugged the necklace from his belt.

"We need everyone! A battle is about to come!" Gimli was shouting. "Gather your men! Get those who cannot fight out of the city!" The man and the dwarf rushed outside, just to see the brilliantly white dragon slam to the ground just outside of the city. Just looking at the dragon you could tell that she was sick. Her entire chest was black, the darkness billowing from a gaping wound. Her legs were turning back as well, and her eyes were red. Aragorn slowly slipped the necklace over his head and was pounded by waves of confusion coming from the dragon.

Where is he? The dragon's words echoed through Aragorn's mind. It was almost frightening, seeing that the dragon had only come searching for Legolas, and how she was hurting just as much as Legolas was. This separation was going to kill them if Aragorn did not do something soon.

"Forn," Aragorn said, approaching, winding through the readied men. "Please, he is safe. But you need to break free from this curse. Reuniting with him now will only kill you both."

I would rather die together then die apart. Forn responded, harshly, her eyes sweeping all the men readied to fight her, but she lingered on no one, only searching for Legolas. I know he is here. You cannot keep him from me. I have the power to kill everyone here if you attempt to keep him from me.

"I cannot," Aragorn responded. "I cannot let you take him, and I cannot let you kill anybody. That is not who you are. Why are you letting yourself be controlled by this? Fight back! Are you not a dragon? Are you not powerful?"

Give him to me! Forn screamed in Aragorn's mind. I know not who you are, this is my last warning to you and the men that surround you. Release my Greenleaf from your evil clutches or suffer the consequences.

"Do you not know me, Forn?" Aragorn asked, the necklace feeling suddenly very heavy. The dragon did not respond, but Aragorn watched her draw a breath, a breath that could only mean one thing. "Everyone scatter!" Aragorn screamed. "Run!"

Men fled in every direction and Aragorn and Gimli raced back to where Legolas was currently residing. Aragorn dropped to his knees next to the elf who was in obvious pain. Screaming came from outside, and Aragorn knew that Forn had released her fire. Quickly, Aragorn turned to Eowyn.

"Help me, move quickly," Aragorn said, sliding his arms under the elf's legs. "Grab his arms, we must get him on a horse, we must evacuate."

"Evacuate?" Eowyn asked as she wrapped her arms around Legolas'. Together they lifted the elf and Aragorn immediately began moving them to the door.

"Forn is out of control. Gimli, you must distract her. If she can get to Legolas we might as well all be dead."

"What do you mean?" Eowyn's grass slipped slightly on Legolas' arms as she stumbled backward.

"They are stronger together. Besides, whatever has taken Forn must wish to have Legolas too. We cannot have Legolas fall into the clutches of the enemy, with him, with Forn, Middle Earth is doomed. Now hurry, Gimli, rally the men, we must find a more defendable place. Hurry, my friend. We have little time." Aragorn ushered Gimli away and focused on getting Legolas to a horse. Eowyn swung herself up behind the elf, taking the reigns of the steed and with a scared glance towards Aragorn, she kicked the horse into a gallop, heading toward Helm's Deep.

Aragorn rushed to help Gimli and the men who stood, defending themselves and their homes from the dragon.

"How do we kill her?" Aragorn overheard a man asking. Aragorn roughly grabbed the man's arm.

"We are not here to kill her. It is impossible for us to kill her with our weapons. We need to break this spell, we need to help her, not kill her." Aragorn explained as slowly as possible while dragging the man away from another burst of flame.

"You are crazy," the man responded shaking his head. "Aim for the wings!" He shouted to his companions, and Aragorn rushed to try and find Gimli. 

"Where is the elf?" Gimli asked, once Aragon finally located the dwarf. He was hiding in the smoldering ruins of what used to be a house. Aragorn ducked behind the same standing wall.

"Safe, hopefully," Aragorn sighed, glancing around to wall to try and locate the dragon. She was hard to miss, the white scales contrasting drastically with the dusty background. "How do we reason with a dragon who does not even know her own name?" Gimli shrugged, yanking Aragorn down as a stream of fire shot over their heads.

"I suppose you don't, we just have to hope that the dragon comes to her senses."

Aragorn grimaced as he heard the sound of a screeching man who fell victim to Forn's flames.  He just hoped they could find a solution soon, he just hoped that they could break the curse. He hoped that no more people had to die.

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