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A Monster Like Me ~ Legolas by jojojojomo
A Monster Like Me ~ Legolasby jojojojomo
Based on the song "A Monster Like Me" (P.S. I am shamelessly combining two fandoms. Inheritance Cycle (Or Eragon) and Lord of the Rings.) Forn isn't an elf. O...
  • mirkwood
  • lotr
  • dragonrider
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The Incoming Hero by Arcticwolf22
The Incoming Heroby Arcticwolf22
As the final battle was drawing to a close, Gaea would not go down without taking the one person who gave everyone hope down with her. Percy Jackson soon found himself i...
  • alagaesia
  • elves
  • roran
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The Wolf and the Dragon  by Emoimerh
The Wolf and the Dragon by Aivlis Emoimerh
Infrequent updates... Long ago, the world was submerged in an age of darkness. Cold, barren, and ruled by the everlasting dragons. Then came fire, heat, warmth, and fr...
  • fanfiction
  • saphira
  • dragons
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Used To Know You (An EragonxArya Fanfic) by Eragon_Elda
Used To Know You (An EragonxArya Eragon_Elda
Eragon will never come back to Alagaesia, but he wishes he could. Arya secretly loves Eragon, but she turned down his suit. Eragon lives far away on the other side of th...
  • alagaesia
  • arya
  • weldenvarden
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Falling for the Shadeslayer by Rosadon
Falling for the Shadeslayerby Rosa, Brittany
  • eragon
  • inheritance
  • fanfiction
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A Future of Possibilities by 9r7g5h
A Future of Possibilitiesby 9r7g5h
Shown a future he both feared and craved, it was Arya that healed his wounded mind and gave him the hope to fix things.
  • shadeslayer
  • eragonshadeslayer
  • dröttningu
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Remade Hunger Games by Kman1800
Remade Hunger Gamesby The Shadow
Hello peoples! This is inspired from something called the Reader's Games! I think... ANYWAYS read on and find out how this is like the Hunger Games! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
  • shadeslayer
  • sorenson
  • variety
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Lives by 9r7g5h
Livesby 9r7g5h
The six times they could never be, and the one they finally were.
  • arya
  • cycle
  • inheritance
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The Powers of Love (An Inheritance Cycle Fanfic) by MacAtk1234
The Powers of Love (An MOGAR
Love can give you power, but a loss can double the power. What if Murtagh had killed Arya during the siege of Dras-Leona. One-Shot.
  • saphira
  • shadeslayer
  • eragon
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