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Lee Jia Xi

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Lee Jia Xi, also known as makeawish99, is a thirteen year old writer on wattpad who's ready to take on the world with her wonderful stories. She loves to read, write, and play tennis during her spare time

Lee Jia Xi started writing when she was eleven years old. She had read a friends story and was completely captivated by the plot, so she decided that she wanted to write one for herself, thus starting her writing :)

Her inspiration comes from wanting to tell a story that catures readers into her plot and keeps them wanting more. One person who inspires her writing is JK Rowling, "Her work is amazing :)" Most of the stories that Lee Jia Xi has written, have meaning behind them, which help give us a reality check whenever we need one. 

For example: In her story That Fateful Day, her main concept is about friendship and love. It also helps to teach that if you want to achieve your dreams, you have to believe in yourself. 

The title of her story is:

That Fateful Day

Genre: Teen-Fiction, Romance

Rated: G (Suitable for all ages)

Summary: Blake is turning 16 soon and she is devastated that she has not achieved her dream of becoming a successful singer. One day, she met her childhood best friend, Tyler Welsh and realised that he had achieved his dream of becoming a guitarist. Then, she meets his band (JoLT) members, the mysterious guy Jeremy and the stereotypical playboy, Luke. After that fateful incident, Blake is thrown into the world of stardom instantly. Will she ever make it to the top of stardom? This is a story of love, friendship and realizing your dreams. 

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