CC7 - Part 2

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I was enjoying one of the most beautiful days weather-wise ever since I had moved here. The east coast was not known for its wonderful climate and I had had some trouble adjusting to the rain and the cold in the beginning. As a Miami native, I was used to something entirely different but my career was far more important.

However, today was the sunniest day we had had this year. The warm spring day had everyone flocking out of their homes it seemed as the park was filled with people of all ages, reveling in the sun. I was casually kicking the ball around with my friend and teammate Kristie while she kept blabbing about her boy troubles. She had the absolute worst taste in men but I was being a good friend by listening even when I wanted to kick the ball in her face sometimes for being so stupid in her choice of partners.

“I mean, can you believe he didn’t even call me after we hooked up?”, the blonde said while passing me ball with the outside of her foot.

“I know the feeling”, I responded quietly and picked up the ball skillfully with a trick before juggling it.

“Oh please, Lauren”, she scoffed. “You’re the one who never calls those poor girls back after you seduced them.”

“I don’t seduce anyone”, I defended myself but smirked lightly while still juggling with no difficulty.

“Yeah, right. Like you don’t go all ‘I ‘m a pro athlete who’s smart too” on them”, she tried mocking me while staring in a very weird manner to emphasize that I used my green eyes to my advantage.

“I don’t do that at all. Jeez, I hope not at least because I highly doubt anyone would go for what you just did”, I teased.

 “How many of the this year’s freshman girls have you hooked up with and called back?”, my friend and former roommate questioned knowingly. I dropped the ball and tried thinking of at least one person that I had stayed in contact with.

“That’s what I thought”, Kristie laughed and shook her head.

“I called Jessica!”, I remembered full of pride before passing the ball so it slowly rolled over to her on the green grass of the park.

“That was a drunken booty-call, not a sign of actual interest”, she shot back and I chuckled a little.

“True”, I admitted. “But so worth it”, I added and saw her rolling her eyes.

“But wait, I’m curious. Who never called you back?”, the other soccer player brought back the original topic of discussion.

“That’s…kind of a long story I don’t want to get into now”, I sighed because the simple reminder of what had happened over three years ago was still causing some inner turmoil.

“Oh wow, she really did a number on you”, she sounded surprised before I shot her a look. “Is she the reason you have such commitment issues?”

“Listen, Dr. Phil”, I deadpanned while she rolled her eyes once more. “No one did a number on me, alright? I am very happy with the way I things are going and don’t need a relationship to make me feel complete.”

“Don’t you ever want someone to cuddle with at night or see horrible movies with and do stuff like that with?”, the younger one sounded genuinely concerned now.

“Why? So they can run off at some point and I am back to where I was before, only with a broken heart and bruised ego? I’m 21-year-old college student for God’s sakes. Why is everyone always on my case for not being in a relationship? Girls know what they get when they hook up with me. They’re not stupid, people talk on campus and it is common knowledge that I’m down to have a good time, nothing more. If they can’t fucking handle it, then no one is forcing them. Besides, most of the girls I hook with are mostly straight anyway and only want to be able to say they fucked a girl once while they were in college”, I ended my little rant and realized how bitter and angry I sounded. My friend hadn’t even brought up the girl that truly had broken my heart a few years back but the pain of that still lingered somewhere and only rarely surfaced.

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