"You're hurt." I said quietly.

"It's just a flesh wound." she said, a small smile on her face. I sensed that in some twisted way she was enjoying herself, as if she had been waiting for this her whole life. "I'll be fine."

I dropped Rey's hand but she continued to peer at me intently. "Are you okay?" she asked, making me blink in surprise. She couldn't see my face through the mask.

"I will be." I responded, struggling to take my eyes off of the thin stream of blood that was running down her arm. As we stood there the smoke gradually began to disperse down the hallway, making the dead bodies that littered the ground slowly become visible. A few brave storm troopers charged towards us with their blasters and I turned my attention to them, extending my lightsaber. But suddenly, the soldiers stopped running, and their bodies instantly became rigid. It was as if someone had hit pause, and then rewind, as their limbs began to twitch and twist in pain. In seconds they had joined the pile of bodies on the ground and a figure began to emerge from the smoke. I sensed Rey inhale sharply beside me.

"These new storm troopers really are pathetic." His voice boomed everywhere.

I watched as he made his way slowly towards us, his cape dragging over a helmet on the ground. The air, which was already chilly, seemed to tighten around my throat and momentarily I felt the crushing fear that I had searched for in the eyes of the storm trooper.

"I apologise for that." Snoke said, gesturing. "Now if you had let me know you were coming I would've prepared a more...suitable welcome."

Rey took a step forward, her eyes burning with hatred. Snoke turned his attention to her.

"Rey." He breathed her name. "How long I have wished to see your face again."

"I wish that I could say the same." She replied through gritted teeth. Snoke smiled a twisted smile and raised his hand. For a second I thought that he was going to choke her, but I realised in horror that he was reading her mind. Rey shut her eyes tightly and I could see her trembling as she tried to fight his influence. I strained every fibre of my being to help her but something had me rooted to the spot, and so I could only watch helplessly as he invaded her thoughts and hate myself for being so afraid.

Then Snoke suddenly dropped his hand, leaving Rey sweating and struggling for breath.

"Love." he said aloud, as he stared at Rey. "Is that what has led you both here?" His shoulders shook as he laughed, filling the hallway with the sickening noise. I sensed Rey looking at me, and perhaps she was hoping that I would say something.

"How pitiful."

Then he turned to me, "Kylo Ren, have you nothing to say to your old master? Or has this girl stolen your tongue as well as your heart?" I stared into his black pupils and said nothing. But he lifted his hand and continued, "Or perhaps you're not here for her, you're here to avenge your mother."

My chest started to constrict in anger, but I took a deep breath and kept my fingers tightly wrapped around my saber. His presence seeped through my consciousness as he tried to read my mind but I resisted, and momentarily I sensed his frustration. It felt like it was only the two of us in the room.

"Would you like to know what I told her, before I slit her throat?"

Again I felt that dreaded sense of helplessness fill my body and I couldn't bear it any longer. I lunged at Snoke and in a split second he had both of his lightsabers out. Red sparks lit up the air as I slashed at him in a violent fury. Everything was blurred, but I saw my mother's face etched in my mind and beneath the safety of my mask warm tears poured down my face.

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