The Malevolence

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  If anyone remembers, that was the name of General Grievous' ship from The Clone Wars.


"I am terrified by this dark thing
That sleeps in me;
All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity."
~Sylvia Plath, Ariel


I pulled out of hyperspace and instantly came face to face with The Malevolence.

It's ominous black form dominated that region of space and even the stars seemed to cower in it's shadow. Dotted around the huge vessel were other smaller ships which together formed an almost impenetrable perimeter around it, as it served as a strategic point for many of The First Order's military commanders.

I decided to sail through, better to seem in control rather than raise suspicion by hiding. I met no resistance, apart from ID checks which were basic protocol. As I approached Hux' ship it dawned on me that I may not have thought this through. No, there was nothing to think through, Rey was in danger and I needed to get her out of there.

I sailed into the docking bay and landed my ship. It was suspiciously empty, all the bombers and smaller ships had been deployed. There wasn't even a maintenance droid in sight. As I stepped out of my ship I immediately sensed a presence. Hux.

"Kylo Ren." he dragged my name out like I was an old friend, but the glint in his eyes told me that we were far from friends.

"Hux." I replied, radiating confidence whilst alarm bells were ringing in my head. Something wasn't right.

"We've been expecting you for a while now, when we didn't hear from you we thought you had deserted us."

"We?" I asked, my eyes scanning for any hidden enemies.

"Snoke and I. He sends his greetings by the way."

I felt heat rising from my stomach. He was toying with me, Snoke must've told him everything. I tried calling out to Rey but there was no response, I couldn't even sense her.

" she?" I asked, clenching my fist and effectively destroying any calm impressions that I'd given before.

"Who? The girl?" A sly smile stretched across his lips. "I wish I had a message from her for you, but she's been quite occupied of late."

That was it.

I whipped out my lightsaber and lunged at Hux. He ducked, narrowly missing it's blade, and then fired at me, but missed. Blinded by rage, I deflected the shots and slashed at his blaster, slicing it in two. In seconds I had my saber to his throat and his eyes glimmered with fear in it's red glow.

"Tell me where she is." My voice was low as I tried to contain the anger that was building up inside me every second. Hux chuckled, which only infuriated me more.

"This schoolboy crush you have on her, where exactly are you going with it?" Not a muscle in my body moved as I kept my gaze fixed on him. He continued, "Surely you don't think she'd ever really love a monster like you? Open your eyes Kylo."

I couldn't listen to him anymore. Gripping his throat I lifted him slowly, so that we were eye to eye.

"You really think--" he struggled to get his words out as my grip on his neck tightened, "--that killing me will solve the problem? You are betraying--The First Order, and you know that Snoke will see to it that you are-- punished." he spat the last words out, deficance written in his sinister grey eyes.

I stared at him, unable to work out exactly what he was thinking. His mind was strong and he resisted my intrusion even now.

"You have a chance--abandon this--foolishness. Redeem yourself."

"I will." I replied. An expression of relief mingled with mischief played on his face.

Then, it froze in horror as my lightsaber pierced through his heart. I held it there, watching his pupils dilate and his flesh melting away. And what was this expression in his eyes when he looked at me, betrayal? Hux should've realised long ago that he and I were never on the same side.

"Long live--The Supreme--Leader." were the final words he managed to whisper before he fell into an eternal silence.

I withdrew my lightsaber from him swiftly, leaving his body to fall to the ground. Then I stared down at it, mixed emotions running through me. Relief. Satisfaction. Anger. Regret. I'd never regretted killing anyone before, not even my own father, but somehow Hux's death had left me feeling...empty. His words replayed in my head.

Surely you don't think she'd ever really love a monster like you?

I shook my head, trying to forget what he'd said, but it only continued to play on a loop in my head. And he was right, I was a monster. I didn't have to take his life, but I'd done it anyway, without hesitation. Of course I would gladly have seen Hux dead any other day, but for some reason I'd thought that the past few weeks had changed me, made me less of a monster. But I was wrong. The darkness in me could not be controlled.

Then I thought of Rey and what had brought me to The Malevolence in the first place. She was still out there somewhere and every second I stayed there put her in more danger.

I boarded my ship, my cloak hanging heavily off my shoulders. I started up the engines, and then suddenly I heard it. It was faint, but unmistakably her voice. Rey's voice.

Kylo, If you can hear me right now, I really need your help.

Then it was gone.

My eyes snapped shut as I tried to concentrate on where her voice had come from, or at least see her. Trying to keep my breathing steady was pointless as my heart thudded in my chest uncontrollably. I saw flames, bright burning flames, and for a moment my eyes burst open in panic. No she wasn't dead, I would've felt it. I closed them again and watched as the fire continued to burn. Then it died down, and all I could see was sand. Looking closer I saw what looked like the remains of an escape pod, but Rey wasn't inside.

Where are you? I called out desperately.

Then I saw a small figure, stretched out in the sand. I almost didn't recognise her, her clothes were black and burnt through in many places and her skin was ashy. Her eyes were closed and she lay there still. I could sense that she was alive, but in pain.

Moments later my ship took off, leaving Hux's body the sole inhbitant of the docking bay of The Malevolence.

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