A Power Stronger than Hate

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"With you, I truly am fearless, Marcus. With you, I'm not even afraid to be weak."
~  Marina Simcoe, The Real Thing


So Rey and I had developed a routine. In the mornings, before the sun was up till about midday, we would train. Our sessions were intense, but enjoyable at the same time. Then, when the sun was high in the sky, we would venture into the jungle and go hunting. In the evenings while we ate whatever we had caught, we would sit and talk about everything from droid models to planets we would rule over if we could, to the things that haunted our darkest nightmares. Somehow I found it easy to open up to her, although it took some time, and we forged what some may call a friendship, although my feelings for her were much more complicated than I could explain in a single word.

Over the weeks Rey had made a lot of progress and had even beaten me a few times in our lightsaber duels. Since she had found out about her parents she had lost any desire to go in search of them and so instead focused her full attention on training to become a Jedi master.

"Heads up!"

I barely had a second to realise what was going on before a log of  wood came flying towards me. Despite my best efforts I didn't catch it in time and it hit me straight in the chest, forcing me to the ground. Rey soon appeared and stood in front of me, had on her hip,  with a big grin on her face.

"Were you daydreaming again?" She asked jokingly as she pushed the log off of my chest.

"Something like that." I replied with an embarrassed smile.

She put her had out to help me up. When our fingers touched an exhilarating feeling, almost like a shock wave , ran through me. I swallowed hard. She looked at me and I could see in her eyes that she felt it too. Once she had pulled me to my feet I held her hand for a few more seconds before I let it drop.

"So." she said after a pause "Do you think we need any more firewood?"

"No this should be enough." I said quickly, gathering the logs that lay strewn on the ground."And besides, there's a storm coming". Rey glanced up at the greyish skies and sighed. Then she picked up a couple of logs and we began to head South back to the outpost.



"I've been thinking" she said, "What if we were to combine our powers?"

I stopped walking and looked at her.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"Like, would it be possible for me to channel The Force, through your body, at the same time as you?"

I thought about what she was saying, which sounded not only impossible but also extremely dangerous.

"I don't think that has ever been done before." I said, feeling a raindrop splash onto my shoulder.

Rey looked up at the clouds and then back down at me. "But we could do it."

I started walking again as the raindrops fell more rapidly and began to soak through my clothes. Rey hurried along beside me.

"What makes you think we could do it?" I shouted over the sound of the rain, which had now become a downpour. She shouted something back but I couldn't hear her. Then she used the force to show me what she was thinking.  

Because we have a connection.

I kept on walking as quickly as possible back to the outpost, using the pouring rain as an excuse not to answer Rey, so that I had a chance to think. Did she really think that it was possible? Doubtless we had a very strong force connection, but channelling the force through someone else's body was unheard of. I didn't want to hurt her, but then again it was tempting to see how strong we could be if our powers were combined. Very tempting.

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