Fire and Gasoline

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"They joined hands.

So the world ended.

And the next one began."

~Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows


Rey cut her hair.

I'd helped her do it with a piece of broken glass that I'd pulled from one of the windows. She insisted on it, even though I couldn't work out exactly why. She said she just wanted a change. When I'd finished she'd used the metal surface of the bedroom door to admire her reflection. Her brown hair now hovered above her shoulders and swayed gently whenever she moved her head. It suited her.

Once again I was training by myself in the clearing. The sun was still hidden below the horizon and the sky was a sleepy shade of dark blue. All around me I could hear the soft hum of insects and the cry of birds faraway as they pierced the morning air.

I'd had another nightmare.

They'd begun the night we'd arrived on Akiva, and I couldn't shake the feeling that there were still more to come. I took a fighting stance and pointed my lightsaber forward, visualising my worst enemy at the tip of my blade. In the last nightmare I'd had, Snoke had been standing on the edge of a cliff and I had been a few feet away from him, suspended in the air. I'd been frozen, unable to move or speak, and Snoke had stared back at me through his soulless eyes. I'd thought that he was finally going to end me, but after a while I'd seen a figure emerge from the trees and stand beside him.

It was Rey.

Then I'd started falling. I'd fallen and fallen, but never hit the ground. The sensation of falling in a dream was one of the most unsettling ones to me. Then I'd woken up to find Rey deep asleep beside me. She had been snoring softly and at that moment I couldn't make sense of anything I'd just seen.

I took another position, this time using my lightsaber to block imaginary blows. I took a step forward each time, visualising Snoke being pushed further and further over the edge of the cliff. Sweat dripped down my face and neck but I pressed forward, concentrating all of my energy.

You're not strong enough. The voice in my head whispered.

My mother was there, in the first dream I'd had. And I'd been there too, right beside her. We were on Snoke's ship, fighting off droids and clones who attacked us relentlessly. I thought we'd killed them all, but then my mother had begun to cry out in pain and grasp at her neck. I'd searched frantically for Snoke, and tried everything I could to release her from the invisible hand that strangled her. But there was nothing I could do.

With a cry I pushed all of my energy outwards and felt streaks of lightning burst out from my hands. The raw power burned through me and I closed my eyes to revel in the feeling. But after a while I felt my strength diminishing, the flow of the force through me became weak and inconsistent. I was forced to drop my hands, and when I opened my eyes I stood in mixed horror and satisfaction as all the trees around me were ablaze.

You're not strong enough.


Rey was standing in the clearing. Somehow in the midst of all the frustration and anger I was feeling, when I saw her I was able to take breath. She was wearing just a plain black shirt, one of mine. It was draped loosely over her shoulders and fell all the way to her knees. She was barefoot. Her hands hung by her sides as she stared in bewilderment, and in her eyes I could see the reflection of the dancing flames.

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