Chapter 5 - part 2

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El just smiled, looping her arm through mine as we walked. An hour or so passed and we were all incredibly tired. El and I had caught up to the group at some point, now walking beside Lucas, Will, Dustin, and Max.

“Are we almost there?” Dustin complained, drenched in sweat and appearing as if he was going to pass out.

“Yes, just hold on a little longer Dusty, drink some water” Dustin’s mom told her son.

“Your mom calls you Dusty?” Max laughed and Dustin’s cheeks turned pink.

“Shut up, it’s masculine” Dustin said, shoving Max playfully and they both laughed.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night” Max giggled.

After a few more minutes, we had finally reached the clearing. It was a nice flat land of dirt, the tall green trees circled around the space but left a huge open space that had a clear view of the sky. I looked over at El, watching as her expression changed in awe of the beautiful place.

“This is amazing” El whispered and I smiled

“I knew you’d like it” I told her. After sitting on a few rocks to breathe for a while, we started to set up camp. First we set up the tents. One tent where Will and Jonathan would sleep, another where Nancy, Max, and El would sleep; a tent where Lucas, Dustin and I would sleep and each of our parents had their own proper tents. Once the tents were set, we set out lawn chairs for all of us to sit in to watch the meteor shower, as well as grabbed some logs to make a fire later in the night. That took a big portion of our time. By the time that was all ready and settled, the sun was already starting to set in the sky. The cold was starting to come in and the darkness was starting to creep. Therefore, we started a fire and gathered around it and ate some food that we brought for us all to share. We used this time to tell funny stories,

“Remember when Johnathan dared Mike to run around the neighborhood naked and holler like King Kong?” Nancy laughed

“I can’t believe he actually did that!” Johnathan laughed

“Stop embarrassing your brother!” My mom yelled. El laughed too, looking at me amused. I couldn’t meet her eyes, I was too embarrassed. Once everyone was fed, we all just talked, laughing and awaiting the meteor shower that was supposed to occur at 8:30. It was now 7:40. Not being able to be alone with El, even for a little bit was killing me. I just wanted to plot some time away. El, Max, and Dustin were sitting by the fire, crouched on the ground roasting some marshmallows. I watched them from across the woods where my Will and Lucas sat on some lawn chairs talking.

“Why don’t you just go and whisk her away already?” Lucas asked

“Hmm?” I asked, looking over at Lucas momentarily.

“You have been staring at El this entire time and barely join in on our conversation , go talk to her. Find a way to get her alone so you aren’t just staring longingly” Will added and sighed, Will was right and I think I have the perfect plan. I walked over to where Max, Dustin and El sat, crouching behind El. I wrapped my arms around El’s waist and she instinctively leaned back towards me. Then I whispered in her ear

“Come with me” I told her

“Where?” El asked softly, breathless

“Somewhere quiet, come on” I told El, unwrapping my arms to free her and standing up. El stood up as well and she followed me as I led her a little ways from the clearing.

“Where are you taking me?” El asked

“Somewhere my mother used to take me” I told her walking up a tall and steep hill. I helped El up, grabbing her hand in the places where the ground was a little unstable.

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