Chapter 4

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El’s POV

I closed my eyes as we rode into the night. I always enjoyed the feel of the cool wind on my face; but I could never truly enjoy the feel since I had to concentrate on maneuvering around the streets curves and edges, but I wasn’t the one riding this time. I held on tightly to Mike, my fingers gripping onto the fabric of his hoodie as we made sharp turns and rode over rocky floors.

“Are you going to tell me where we are going now?” I asked Mike, after we had been riding for several minutes in comforting silence.

“We’re almost there” Mike told me, not exactly answering my question. I sighed, resting my chin on Mike’s shoulder and I felt he tensed up a little after that and I let out a soft chuckle. A few minutes later, he started to slow down, stopping the bike.

“We’re here” Mike told me and I raised my eyebrows at the small lit up building.

“You took me to grocery store?” I asked

“Yes, we are going into the grocery store, I’m going to go buy us some drinks, eggo waffles and I’m going to get a small blanket. Then we are going to see an outdoor movie, one of those drive in ones. That’s one of my favorite things to do whenever I get the time” Mike told me, smiling and I returned his smile.

“Does that sound good?” He asked, now unsure of his plan.

“It sounds great” I reassured him, looping my arm through Mike’s as we walked towards the store.

“How did you know I love eggo waffles?” I asked Mike as we entered through the automatic doors. Mike shrugged

“I didn’t, I just figured, who doesn’t like eggos?” He told me and I giggled.

Mike and I entered the grocery store, later exiting with a blanket, drinks, a bag of chips and toasted eggo waffles. We hopped back on to the bike and Mike rode off to the drive in movie . The drive in actually wasn’t too far from the store and before I knew it we were getting off the bike and Mike took out the blanket we bought.

“So what do you want to watch? It looks like they are playing, Star Wars, IT, Gone With the Wind and Greece.” Mike asked, looking over at me and I pondered on that for a minute. I do love Greece but I know Mike would probably want to watch Star Wars, he likes those kinds of things. I have never seen the Star Wars movies, who knows, maybe I’ll like it.

“Star Wars” I decided, that response lead to the most beautiful smile appearing on to Mike’s face. That smile lead to my heart fluttering within my chest telling me I made the right decision. Mike laid out our blanket and helped me sit down before sitting down himself. Throughout the entire movie I continued asking Mike questions about what was happening and he happily answered them. Gasps and small reactions were heard from my lips as new twists and turns appeared in the movie. I looked over at Mike halfway through the movie and he was just quietly watching me and I looked down at the ground blushing.

“I’m being ridiculous aren’t I? With all my reactions and countless questions” I asked, looking down.

“No, not at all” Mike responded quickly

“You’re absolutely adorable actually” Mike mumbled but I heard it. I looked over at Mike who was now looking at the movie screen, his cheeks flushed pink. After the movie finished, we walked back to Mike’s bike, talking and laughing.

“That was actually a really good movie! I have never seen it before!” I told Mike and he looked at me baffled

“This is the first time you watched this?” Mike asked and I nodded

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