Chapter 7

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El’s POV

The next morning, when Max and I got up for breakfast, Dad was acting different. He looked tired, like he hadn’t slept for weeks. He looked angry but the main emotion I saw, was sadness. Sadness that emanated from him. Dad sat on the couch, completely silent and staring at a blank TV screen. Max and I sat on the table, eating some cereals, we were both deeply uncomfortable with this new change in Dad’s demeanor. He’s usually happy and cracking jokes.

“El, I need to talk to you” Dad spoke and I gulped down a bite of cereal.

“Is….. is everything okay?” I asked as Dad came over to sit in front of me at the dinner table.

“No, everything’s not okay” He told me In a scratchy tone of voice.

“I heard you guys talking last night. I know I shouldn’t have been listening but I did” Dad started at first I was confused but then everything clicked, my eyes widened and I rested my head in my palm.

“Dad…. let me explain” I started but he lifted up a hand.

“I don’t need you to explain, I need you to listen to me and understand that what is going to take place is the best for us all” Dad started and I gulped, terrified of what he was going to do.

“I don’t want you seeing that Wheeler boy anymore, you are going to go see him today and you are going to say goodbye, say everything you have to say to get him to leave you and our family alone. He’s not good for you, he’s changing you in ways that are not good and this needs to stop” Dad told me and I scoffed

“No, I’m not going to say goodbye to him, he’s one of the best people I have ever met, he’s not a bad person and he’s not changing me for the worse. The only thing he’s doing is making me happy! Or is that something you don’t want for me anymore? You want me to be miserable? Sitting here alone for the rest of my life just because you don’t want to be alone and always want me to be your baby girl? Blindly obey your ridiculous rules because of your paranoia?” I told him, standing up, rage filling my entire body.

“Is that what you want? huh?” I said

“El…… you don’t understand this right now, but this is for the best” Dad said in a calm voice, which made me even angrier

“Bullshit! This is not for the best, he makes me happy! You know what? I can see a future with him, a good one and making me say goodbye to him is not going to stop me from falling in love with him. It’s not going to stop me from loving Him Dad” I told him and he looked at me in disbelief

“You listen to me El, you are going to say goodbye to him, when you are supposed to be volunteering at the library, you’re going to tell the boss thank you but that you can’t do it. You are going to say goodbye to Mike and if you do not, we are going to pick up all our stuff and I’m dragging you back to Los Angeles without saying goodbye. I’m being kind enough to allow you to have the chance to say goodbye and have closure. But it’s your choice. Say goodbye or don’t but either way you are not going to be seeing that boy for longer. You may think you are falling in love with him or that you are in love with him but you’re not, it’s just an illusion and the more time you spend apart from him, you’ll just stop thinking about him and this love nonsense will disappear with time.” Dad told me and I clenched my jaw, tears beginning to stream down my face.

“And you are not to tell Him that I’m the reason you are saying goodbye, that’s if you stop being stubborn. Otherwise, I will drag you back to LA regardless if I have to take you over my shoulder while you kick and scream. Do you understand me?” Dad asked, standing close to me.

“I understand” I said in a quiet voice.

“Good” Dad said, turning to walk to his room.

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