Chapter 6

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El’s POV

The next morning was kind of a blur. I didn’t sleep much the night before, I mainly just talked to Mike all throughout the night. Therefore, when I was awaken by the others in the morning, I wasn’t happy about that. I just wanted to sleep a while longer. We all woke up early, putting away all the things we brought to camp, we then ate breakfast, talked for a while before hiking back down the trail. Next thing I knew, Mike, Will, and I were back in Jonathan’s car. I sat in the back seat with Mike, resting my head on my hand and looking out the window, my eyes fluttering closed every few seconds.

“You okay?” Mike asked and I looked over at him, how does he not look as dead as I do now? He slept maybe the same amount that I did, maybe even less!

“Yeah, I’m just tired” I told Mike with a sleepy smile, he nodded, lacing his hand through mine. Well that definitely woke me up a bit, I looked at him with bright wide eyes. Mike tugged me closer to him and I easily moved closer to him.

“Come, you didn’t sleep much, the ride to my house is maybe a 30 to 40 minute drive. You can lay down on my shoulder or anywhere you feel comfortable to get some rest” Mike told me and I smiled at him softly as I moved his arm to wrap around my shoulders and I cuddled into his chest.

“How are you not tired? You slept maybe less than I did” I asked him sleepily, listening to his heartbeat underneath my ear.

“I get used to living on no sleep when my friends and I go through 10 hour, sometimes longer than that, Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.” Mike told me and I smiled

“Speaking of D&D campaigns, we should do one soon” I heard Will say from the front

“Yeah, We have to plan for a campaign, maybe next weekend” Mike told his friend who nodded eagerly.

“Hey El, maybe you can come and watch us play, that’s if you don’t know how to play, if you do, you can maybe Join! You can bring Max too, Lucas and Dustin seem head over heels for her” Will laughed and I nodded with a soft smile

“I would love to come” I told Will and then looked up at Mike

“Would that be okay?” I asked Mike, squeezing his hand.

“That would be awesome” Mike told me with a bright smile and I giggled. After a few minutes of just soft music playing from the car radio and the road itself, I fell asleep on Mike’s chest.

20 minutes later, Mike tried to carefully wake me up, by first running his fingers through my hair and then proceeding to lightly shake me.

“El…. we’re here, it’s time to wake up” Mike whispered and I stirred slightly, snuggling even closer to his chest and Mike just giggled.

“Come on El, try your best to wake up, your Dad is going to be here soon to pick you up and I doubt he’s going to appreciate his daughter sound asleep on the chest of a guy he barely knows” Mike told me and I crinkled my nose in response, knowing he’s probably right and I texted Dad around the time we’d get back, so he should be here any minute now.

“But you’re comfy” I told Mike as I pulled myself off his chest with a pout. Mike laughed

“That’s good to know I guess?” Mike said, running his fingers through his curly black hair. We both got out of the car and I walked over to Max, who was laughing at something Lucas and Dustin were saying. The minute I stood by Max, my Dad pulled up to the driveway at Mike’s house. Max and I quickly put our stuff in the back of Dad’s truck and then came back to say goodbye. I said goodbye and thank you to Mike’s parents, I then said goodbye to Nancy and Jonathan, then I said goodbye too all of Mike’s friends. Now I was standing right in front of Mike, the one person I did not want to say goodbye to.

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