Chapter 9

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El’s POV

The next day, I was beyond nervous and anxious. I kept myself locked in my room when Dad was home but when he left, I went for a jog to get the nerves out. I jogged block after block, watching the buildings blur passed me. I wasn’t sure where I was going, I just wanted to be able to think clearly. What if Mike doesn’t believe me and thinks I’m bullshitting him? What if Mike says he’s done with me because I have hurt him enough? What if, what if, there are so many possibilities on how this could turn out. Although I may hope that the conversation we have tonight is not the last and this is just the beginning of our love story. There is still a possibility that things can go the opposite of how I wish them to go, but if that does happen, I know I deserve it for hurting Mike so deeply. When I got home from the job, Max was just outside of the house skateboarding.

“I was wondering where you ran off too, you took off while I was in the shower” Max informed me and I stood in front of her, hands on my hips, breathing heavily and dripping sweat.

“I went for a jog, I was anxious, full of nervous energy and I needed to chill” I told Max, taking my hair out of a bun at the top of my head.

“Now I’m going to go shower” I said, starting to get walk into the house.

“Make sure you wear something hot tonight” Max informed me and I looked back at her questioningly.

“If you look super hot, he’ll be at least a little bit shocked and taken aback, that will give you time to talk to him a bit before he wants to run away remembering how you hurt him” Max continued with a matter of fact tone. It didn’t seem like a bad plan.

“I’ll see what I can do” I told Max, heading inside. I jumped into the shower, the long shower washing away the dirt and sweat from the jog. Once I got out, I blow dried my hair, curling my long brown locks slightly.

“Your Dad isn’t going to be home all day, he’s meeting his old Hawkins friends for a reunion at the bar” Max said, walking into the bedroom. Then she started rummaging through my clothes.

“What do you have that’s hot in this closet of yours?” Max mumbled and I watched her, hands on my hips as she started tossing some dresses on my bed.

“Oh this one! When did you get this?” Max asked, pulling out a navy blue colored dress that was covered in lace.

“Now this is hot” Max told me nodding

“Are you insane? You want me to wear that to a middle school gym?” I asked in disbelief

“It’s supposed to rain tonight too, you want me to wet that?” I continued

“Well then” Max started, dropping the dress on the bed.

“You obviously don’t love him very much if he’s not worth wetting a dress you can wash. You also obviously don’t want to get a chance to talk to him since I’m sure he will try to escape you soon enough. People run away from things that cause them pain.” Max told me, laying down on my bed and I looked down.

“Fine, I’ll wear it. Mike’s worth it” I told her, picking up the dress and holding it to my aching but hopeful heart.

“Good, now go do your makeup and get dressed” Max demanded

“And what are you going to be doing?” I asked

“Sitting right here, watching you” Max grinned and I laughed. I put on some makeup and made sure my hair was in perfect waves before I slipped into the right navy blue dress.

“You sure this isn’t too much?” I asked, stepping out of the bathroom in my full outfit and her mouth dropped.

“Damn woman, you look good. Mike’s going to be in shock for at least 15 minutes because of that dress. This is not too much, it’s perfect” Max told me and I nodded, putting on some simple black flats. I looked at myself in the mirror, admiring myself for a minute.

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