Chapter 4 - part 2

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“So talk, tell me about this guy” Max urged me to speak, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Well I met him the night I moved here, he’s an assistant at the local library. I went to the library to feel safe and he asked me if I needed help finding a book. His name is Mike, he’s, not going to lie incredibly attractive, he’s smart and kind…. respectful” I told her, my eyes glowing with happiness

“Ooooooo, my girl sounds like she may have a bit of a Crush on this Hawkins guy” Max said, tickling my side and I giggled, smacking her hands off me.

“Let me finish!” I screeched

“I may have a rather big Crush” I told her, looking down at my bed and she whistled

“Stop!” I laughed

“Sorry, continue, continue” Max urged me to move on with the story.

“So anyways, I met him the other day, we talked and he was just so shy and adorable. I knew I had to see him again” I told Max, looking off into the distance, I could hear Max making kissing noises but I just ignored her.

“I went back to see him today at the library. I found Him and we continued to talk, Mike just makes me feel butterflies and shivers all over my body. I feel electricity every time I see him and look at him. He’s so attractive that I have to fight the urge to touch him all the time. It’s crazy, I have never felt this way before.” I informed Max

“You didn’t even feel this way with that one guy you had a crush on in 7th grade? What was his name again? Triston?” Max asked and I giggled.

“No not even with Triston did I feel this way, that was his name by the way” I told her

“I decided to start volunteering at the library too, since I love books and he is just a bonus. Mike took me on an adventure today. We went to the store and he bought me eggos, I have no idea how he knew that was my favorite food. He bought me a drink and chips and we went to one of those outdoor movies. We watched Star Wars, it was actually pretty good. So that was that. Then we talked some more waiting for my dad, he gave me this hoodie I’m wearing now because I was cold and we said our goodbyes” I explained to Max, who was immersed in my story as if I was reading an action novel to her.

“Wow, who knew so much can happen within two days! My girl is in love!” Max shouted and I hushed her.

“I’m not in love! I just like him, really really like him at this point” I told Max shyly, biting my lip.

“So when will I get to meet this dreamboat?” She asked and then I remembered I had to ask Dad about the meteor shower tomorrow. Then an idea popped into my mind.

“Maybe sooner than you think” I told her, getting up from bed and grabbing Max’s wrist, pulling her with me to my dad who was watching TV in the living room.

“Dad, I have to ask you something” I said, standing in front of him. Max stood by me confused, my hand still clamped around her wrist.

“So? What is it?” Dad asked, putting down the cigar he had in his mouth.

“There’s a meteor shower tomorrow and Mike invited me to go camping overnight with Him and his family as well as his friends and their families to go see it. Can I go? Max will come! So I won’t be alone” I told my dad and Max looked over at me

“I will?” She asked and I glared at her

“Oh yeah, I will come, camping is fun” Max told my father nodding, finally catching on.

“You and this Wheeler kid, I swear” My father said, raising his palm to cover his face.

“He’s no good for you kiddo, Mike Wheeler is filling you with nonsense that just isn’t right. Like you actually think going camping, I mean camping! Out in the woods, by yourself, is a good idea! That’s dangerous, what if his family is crazy and hurts you!” Dad yelled and I just looked down at the floor.

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