Runaway Widow

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"Stars are the scars of the universe."~Ricky Maye


Jack's six foot four figure was too fast for V.C. to keep up with without running. She sucked in a breath of air and jogged after his retreating form as Jack raced through the police station.

Which wasn't big enough for any form of striding, stalking, or anger-filled stomping.

But for some reason, he seemed to defy the laws of volume and area as he hurtled through the precinct with a mission.

His deep voice echoed off the walls as V.C. chased to catch up. "How could this possibly happen? You had one job. Only one! And you still managed to let our key suspect escape." The Sheriff shrank back at Jack's tone but still had a stubborn set to his shoulder.

Not even waiting for the man to defend himself, Jack steamrolled on. "Who was responsible for watching her?" His darkened eyes and towering figure left no wiggle room for any excuses as he scourged the precinct.

With a shaking hand, (whether it be from fright or simply the man's age, V.C. didn't know) the Sheriff pointed towards a pale-faced deputy who was hovering close to a corner, attempting to hide from Jack's harsh stare.

But even with his muted beige attire, the deputy, unfortunately, didn't blend well enough into the wall as Jack spotted him on first glance.

Marching forward, the Commander encroached on the man's personal space. "Deputy, you better give me a play by play of what happened from the second she left your sight till now if you ever want to wear a badge again!"

A shiver ran down V.C's spine and wrapped around her.

Calm yourself, girl.

She never admitted it, but she did have a thing for men who had leadership qualities. Which was strange because she hated being told what to do.

By men.



Literally everyone and anyone who ever existed ever.

But let's get one thing straight: it wasn't the fact that he took charge of the situation that pleased her: it was the way that he handled himself. She had seen him with his men — when he first commanded his Seal Team. He was always respectful, ethical, and a good listener.

That was probably why he's a Commander.

She hated it. So so much. That he was so good at it.

And then there was his stupid, insane, annoyingly specific obsession with the law.

Honestly, no one, not even the President himself followed the laws of the land more than Jack Rhodes.

Whenever V.C. thought about how his moral compass always pointed True North no matter the situation, she always felt like turning into a magnet and pushing him off course. To somehow get him to loosen up and forget the rule book he lived his life by.

Maybe even jay-walk on occasion.

So far, no matter her antics, it hadn't worked.

Seriously. Not even five minutes ago, he hadn't even let her jaywalk but made her go all the way to the crosswalk to get to the other side.

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