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Welcome to Eridanus Flooding

Make sure that you read every chapter so you don't miss any of the clues that point to the murderer! Try to solve the case before the characters!!

If you solve the case before the characters, send me a message and I'll dedicate a chapter to you! BUT THERE'S A CATCH: Only ONE guess per person.

Good luck detecting!

Below are my currently published books:

The KingMaker Series:

Eridanus Flooding

Phoenix Burning

The Side Kick Series:

The Art Thief's Guide To Freedom

Below are books that will be published in the future:

The Side Kick Series:

The Peculiar Case of Death (Thomas & Arya)

Fire & Brimstun: Criminals-At-Law (Fire & Brimstun)

Kill Me In The Morning (Avaria & Sespian)

Cat and Mouse Series:

Gotcha! (Faye & Kaine)

Figure It Out

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