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taehyung was currently pinned against a wall, stuck on a roof. his eyes hazy and a smirk plastered on his face, the man held a knife to his throat. rain heavily fell, taehyung's hair and plastered to his head as he bit his lip "you're gonna regret this, you fucker." taehyung spoke, venom laced in his voice and a loud chuckle left the brunettes lips as he put pressure on the smaller boys throat, only for him to not move a muscle. small beads of blood formed at the surface of his skin, the small slit noticeable. "fucking do something! why aren't you crying and begging me to stop!" he growled and taehyung shrugged. "oh come on pretty boy, somebody as gorgeous as you has to be scared of dying." bending his knee and forcing it in the direction of the mans stomach, he whimpered in pain and clutched it. "trust me when i say this, dying is the least of my problems." taehyung spat, a murderous smirk plastered on his face. the man was leaning against the wall and he watched as blood dripped down the blonde haired boys neck, staining the hem of his hoodie. he swung for the taller mans jaw, powerfully— and taehyung's grin increased, now ear to ear. a loud hiss of pain made his eye lashes flutter and the man began trying to fight back.  the brunette mumbled a few profanities and taehyung shook his head, (swifly) pulling out a pocket knife and twirling it in his fingers, he was pushed backwards from the man and dodged the knife swinging at his stomach. "so what's your name?" taehyung chuckled, "not that it'll matter now, you're gonna be dead soon."

"hyunjae." the aforementioned boy barked. "well hyunjae, any last words?" taehyung laughed as he slowly edge the blade into the core of the other males chest. a loud gasp and unsteady pants were heard, as the rain pounded off of the floor. "you shouldn't of fucking messed with me" the crimson blood trickled down hyunjaes chest as taehyung sliced the larger male up and down. before watching him fall to the ground with a heavy thud. taehyung dashed.

he sprinted through the night town, grinning ear to ear as he picked up incredible speed. a car pulled up in front of the boy, causing him to come to a harsh halt. "tae? why are you out so late?" the ravenette asked as he unlocked his car door, letting the red head in. "i was just on a run?" he wiped his hands on his shirt that was tucked underneath his hoodie. "what the fuck happened to your throat??" jungkook hissed, obviously unamused. "i got mugged. it's fine." the elder growled. "clearly it's fucking not. look at your neck!" he frowned. "can you just take me home please?" taehyung begged, avoiding eye contact as jungkook groaned angrily. 'you're coming back to my house, so we can get you cleaned up.' the boy nodded sadly.

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