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the sky was a charcoal black colour, wispy navy blue and slate thick clouds stretched across the night sky where tiny glimmering stars shone brightly. a colossal silver moon hid behind the mist, illuminating the frost in the air. as the rain bore endlessly off of the concrete pavements and freshly tarmacked roads, a lean figure with vibrant red hair (like a fire truck) groaned, rubbing his temples. his cheeks and end of nose was rosy from the harsh winter temperatures. kim taehyung is a nineteen year old boy, who thrived off of adrenaline and the pure bliss of doing bad things to the world. the boy belonged to a small group called 'bangtan' he smiled under the thick black material of his drenched hoodie as him and his three friends (min yoongi, jung hoseok and kim namjoon) stood outside of a twenty four hour convenience store, the sign flashing an irritatingly bright green colour stating that it was 'open.' the boys were currently going over their plan of stealing alcohol, cigarettes, snacks and money. "so, v— i want you to go in first with this backpack and grab whatever alcohol and snacks you can. after you do, get him away from the counter so suga can get the money and cigarettes." the tall, silver haired leader, namjoon spoke with confidence laced in his voice. he always had faith in kim taehyung, the teenager was sly and swift. some of the most important things of being a thief. "i'll go in last and steal the cigarettes and money from behind the till." the short and nimble boy nodded, his hands stuffed into the pocket of his hoodie. "yoongi and hoseok will cover you both, if needed they will stab him." they put their hands in the middle and chanted a few lucky words.

taehyung first walked into the store, his hood pulled over his dark, alluring hazel eyes with a ebony surgical mask to cover his face. the bell jingled as he pushed the door open and an obese man looked at him, stuffing his face with some prawn instant ramen. as he diverted his attention to the alcohol isle, the man spoke— his mouth full of chewed up food. "cold night, huh?" taehyung rolled his eyes and continued walking, his beaten up sneakers clicking off of the cracked, tiled floor. his hands reached out in front of him as he began reading the bottles. the boy grabbed jack daniels, vodka and a crate of redbull, before stuffing it into his bag. when he heard the bell chime again and a couple of footsteps, he zipped up his bag and purposely dropped a bottle of malibu onto the floor, the coconut and vanilla liquid spilling everywhere. "you good?" the man placed down his plastic cup of an excuse for a proper meal and scoffed, walking towards the mess. taehyung was defiantly quicker and began sneaking through the isles, knocking off more of the items that were messily packed onto the rusty shelves.

as taehyung looked at the counter, he saw namjoon stuffing his pockets with the money and cigarette boxes. the boy rushed to the door and pushed the glass door open, walking down the street seeing the two boys sat under the street light, kicking stones, hitting the curbs and coming back. a screech sound was heard and taehyung rushed towards the door, seeing the rusty, ancient metal shop shutters fall slowly, an ear piercing screech following its actions. "shit," he grumbled and yoongi grabbed his knife, placing it in between the step and the thick piece of iron, stopping the lock from touching the floor. hoseok placed his hands, rust collecting on his fingertips and palms of his hands as he pushed it upwards. taehyung looked around and saw namjoon with blood on his hands and his knife dripping in a thick crimson liquid. "come on hyung." taehyung smirked, and crawled under the lock, the leader following behind him. the boys rushed into the darkness of the night, they didn't hear any sirens or see any officers— so they considered themselves lucky.

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