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taehyung was currently waiting for one of the minors from his old school to meet him. the boy had developed a system of stealing cigarettes and selling them to them to the underaged kids, because quiet frankly it was against the law for them to buy the sticks of cancer. he watched as one of the rebellious boys run up to him, a crumbled ten dollar note and a few coins in his hand. the red head was under a tree, avoiding all of the rain. "do you have them, hyung?" a shorter boy smirked at him and taehyung grabbed a box of twenty from his backpack and a star shaped lollipop before passing them to the kid. "of course i have them, jaemin." the dark brown haired boy paused. "thanks for the free lollipop, see you next week?" the red head chuckled and nodded. "if your lungs haven't failed by then, see you around." and with that, the boy pulled up his ebony hood and began walking down the parks gloomy path. the sky was slate grey and the air was thick with frost. a bitter november gust of wind would make him shiver as he wrapped his arms around his skinny frame and walked quicker.

taehyung was greeted by his hyungs when he saw them in the abandoned parking lot and smirked when he saw four other men and one girl, he rolled his eyes and walked up to his group, who were effortlessly winning an argument with them. "what happened?" the red bit the inside of his cheek and frowned as he saw the girl check him out. clicking his fingers to get her attention, the woman with messily dyed platinum blonde hair looked at him. "eyes off me whore, i'm gay." she mumbled a couple of words but all taehyung understood was 'fucking fag.' clenching his fist, taehyung swung for the females face, punching her straight in the nose making her cry out in pain and cover her nose with her fake tanned hands, blood oozing down her chin. everyone gasped and looked at the boy, however a 6'1 muscular brunette pushed him backwards. he pulled out a knife and clamped it around taehyung's neck, only for the red head to kick his knees as hard as he could. a crack echoed through the abandoned space and the man hissed. "hold my bag." he slung his backpack off of his back, throwing it towards his friends and pulled out his glorious spectrum blade and smirked. "should we back him up?" hoseok questioned. "no, this is his fight." namjoon folded his arms and watched the two. "c'mon fairy." taehyung hissed, he felt all of the eyes on him.

the boy twirled the shiny metal inbetween his fingers. a swift and powerful throw and the knife was sank into the mans muscular stomach. he clutched his wound, blood seeping through the thin fabric of his black shirt and dripping down his front. "look at the cunt, he's bleeding. want a tissue, big boy?" taehyung smirked, his eyes fluttering before he yanked the knife from the mans throbbing stomach and sunk it into his neck, the man chocked on his blood for a couple of seconds, before the lifeless body dropped to his knees and fell flat onto the dusty floor. the high pitched cliché scream from the girl echoed through out the car park— and probably through the quiet city, the other members began swiftly running, taehyung smirked. police sirens roared, the flashing lights surrounding the thirteen story parking lot— the boys happening to be on the forth lowest floor with no escape. "fuck." hoseok whined, his hands tugging his bright orange hair. "hoods up boys." namjoon commanded, taehyung grabbed the rainbow coloured knife and yanked it swiftly out of the dead mans head, blood poured everywhere, a puddle of the crimson liquid pooling at his feet. he carved the letter 'v' into both of his palms and his forehead before being pulled away by the leader. "no time v, they're probably destracted from the others and we need to leave, without getting caught." taehyung nodded before smirking at the scene before him. he looked out from one of the holes in the concrete wall and saw the fairly large drop from the ground. "shit." yoongi bit his lip as he saw hoseok look down the ramp. "they went down the ramp, we could just run past them, they'll be dealing with the others. "

so they took off, their legs moving quickly as they jumped down a couple of the stairs at a time. taehyung was in the front and namjoon at the back. the stairs at the bottom were missing and the red head plummeted to the ground with a harsh crack. namjoon cursed under his breath and pushed past hoseok and yoongi. "suga, j-hope. get the bag and i'll carry v." he spoke, true leadership laced in his voice, well after all— he is kim namjoon, the bravest and most knowledgeable leader in korea. tossing the bag to yoongi, namjoon threw the boy over his back and he groaned. "v, we will get seokjin to help you as soon as possible." they began sneaking past the police cars and sprinting as a couple of them shouted at the boys. even some of the officers chasing after them. namjoons hands were holding onto taehyung's calfs as the boy wrapped his arms around his neck— to avoid falling backwards.

they ran through the rain, the flashing sighs of the city and the broken lamp posts illuminating the puddle filled pavements, making it easier for them to get home quicker. taehyung looked behind them and saw a flashlight shining at them— he couldn't work out his face but all he saw was a large muscular body with a black uniform with badges sewn onto it. but the officer wasn't giving up any time soon. the red heads hood fell down and he shivered, feeling the rain drip onto his head as his legs were wrapped around the leaders waist. a black truck drove by them, the window rolled down. "get in." namjoon smiled gratefully seeing his fiancée saving them. he watched hoseok and yoongi first jump onto the back of the car and briskly followed them, climbing over the sides of the soaked car. in the bottom of the empty space was filled with cold water. seokjin drove off and taehyung pulled his hood back up, watching the officer slowly give up. "v, your ankle?"

"you can call me taehyung now, namjoon. we're alone." the red head smiled reassuringly. "okay taehyung, how is your ankle?" everybody's breathing was heavy and seokjin looked behind at them. "what happened to his ankle?"
"the clumsy bastard fell down like six missing steps." yoongi chuckled and hoseok wrapped an arm around his boyfriend. "pretty funny if you ask me."

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