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jungkook walked into his shared apartment, placing his bunch of keys on the side and shutting the door. "you bastard!" jimin growled, "you smell like sex after fucking that frisky psychopath!" the blondes cheeks were red, a vein popping from his neck. "why would you do that?! you could get fucking fired, jungkook!" the ravenette sat at the breakfast bar and frowned. "don't call him that." shaking his head, a red faced jimin groaned. "so you're telling me your sticking up for a fucking cold blooded murder over your best friend!" jungkook ran his hands through his greasy locks. "no, i never said i was. just leave it okay?" standing up, jimin inhaled and exhaled loudly. "he's not all there, kook! can't you tell? he will probably kill you! not to fucking mention RM, suga and j-hope! they're all blood thirsty fuckers." the ravenettes blood boiled as jimin shouted.

"that's enough, hyung." jungkook groaned. "we had the best chance to arrest them and end this, but your dumb ass had to go and fuck v's loose ass!" jimin snarled. "i didn't mean too, i was drunk and he just looked so good! god dammit you'd understand if you were in my shoes!" the blonde sat in front of him. "but i'm not in your shoes, am i?" jungkook bit his lip. "what ever, you're fucking pathetic. i'm going for a drive and if you haven't thought of a plan, i'm telling them." standing up and pushing the chair in angrily, jimin stormed to the door, slamming it.

"for fuck sake!" he punched the table and growled. storming to his room, where he proceeded to shower and look at the hickeys on his neck and shoulders. grazing his fingers over the bruises jungkook sighed, washing his body and hair- taehyungs sweet scent no longer lingering. he frowned sadly, urging to see the older. "fuck it." he mumbled as he stepped onto the shower mat and wrapped a towel around his waist. "i need to see him again." an hour or so later, jungkook was dressed in a white shirt that hugged his muscles perfectly, some ripped jeans and a pair of brown timberlands. his black car was pulling up to a park where he had asked taehyung to meet him. stepping onto the carpark, he shivered and watches as his breath turns to frost in the air. "taehyung?" jungkook called out after seeing a figure dressed in an over sized black hoodie and ripped jeans, sat on the cherry wood bench under a willow tree. a head turned to him and smiled. "hey." he stood up and grabbed the bench to support him. "what's wrong?" was all jungkook could say before wrapping his arms around his waist for support. "m'sore." the ravenette made an 'o' shape, his cold hand rubbing the back of his neck. "sorry." he breathed out nervously as taehyung was observing his hickeys. "why are you apologising?" the crimson red haired boy looked up with his big glossy brown eyes. "i hurt you, didnt i?" shaking his head a chuckle left his soft rosy lips. "it was worth it." taehyung snuggled into his chest, a light dust of rose on jungkooks olive cheeks. "can we go somewhere else please? i'm cold and you're only wearing a shirt."  jungkook nodded, slowly intertwining his hand with the olders long, pretty, sunkissed fingers. "cutie." taehyung mumbled before walking along with him to his car.

"so what do you wanna do?" the ravenette tapped his steering wheel to the soft beat of the music that was quiet, because jungkook thought it was rude to blare the music while having a conversation with taehyung. however, when driving he would always listen to his music with the volume fairly loud, but sacrificing his precious tunes were worth it for kim taehyung. "i don't mind," soft eyes watched as jungkook drove from the parking lot, admiring his perfect facial features. "we could just go to my house, watch a movie and i'll make hot chocolate." taehyung nodded happily, he much preferred to spend more sentimental time with people instead of going out to the movies.

they finally reached jungkooks apartment and taehyung inhaled the warming scent of his bedsheets. "it smells like you." he smiled and snuggled into them more. "well i pray that i smell good." jungkook also climbed into his double bed and wrapped his arms around taehyung's slim waist, nuzzling his nose into his neck. "mine." jungkook playfully took the skin from the back of his neck into his teeth, smirking. leaning more into his touch, taehyung groaned quietly. swiftly, flipping themselves over, the older straddled jungkooks waist. he leaned to his face, feeling the ravenettes breath hitch. "can i?" with one nod, the red head gently placed his lips onto the youngers and they began moving against eachover. biting at taehyung's bottom lip, the boy groaned and opened his mouth— jungkooks tongue swarming into his cavern, their lips were pressed together like a jigsaw puzzle, they were meant to be. jungkook pinched at his waist, making him cry out in pleasure. "you're all mine." a moan emitted from taehyung's swollen lips as the ravenette's hands travelled to his pants, and he squeezed his bare ass. "f-fuck." jungkook moaned as taehyung began grinding off of him. "jungkook i'm home." a small blonde haired boy pushed open the door and gasped. "what the fuck is this?" he hissed. the red head turned around with red cheeks. "jimin leave for a little while longer, please." desperate eyes made the blonde snarl. "i-is this your boyfriend?" taehyung was already half way of getting off of his lap before jungkook protested and grabbed his thighs pulling him back into his chest. "no, no he's my roommate."

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