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music boomed through the venue and a drunken taehyung swayed from side to side, his hips matching up with the tempo of the beat. he was dressed in black denim, ripped shorts that hugged the top of his sunkissed thighs perfectly, an oversized white silk dress shirt hanging off of his small frame, black leather straps wrapped around his thighs and waist and a pair of ruby red fluffy cat ears placed on top of his messy hair. the boy had used one of seokjin's eye shadow pallets and placed some of the slightly darker shade on the bottom of his lid and blended it out. he had used a shimmering spray on his whole body to make himself glitter.

"jungkook, i'm so sure that's him." a blonde boy spoke to a taller ravenette boy. "he's beautiful." jungkook mumbled to himself. "i suggest we search for the others," park jimin, the blonde boy walked into the crowd. "i'm so lucky this is a costume party." he mumbled to himself, a red plastic cup in his hand filled with vodka— which he didn't realise he was subconsciously drinking from every once in a while, and the alcohol didn't fail to burn his throat. jungkook lurked around the dance floor, that was covered in confetti and spilt drinks, he was watching the red head dance around a couple of men, some of them grabbing his waist and pulling themselves closer.

slowly but surely, jungkook edged closer to the red head. pushing the people surrounding him away, the ravenette grunted as he pushed his growing bulge to taehyung's thick thighs, grinding against him. large hands grabbed his waist and guided him to the direction that he wanted. "sexy little kitty." taehyung purred at the praise, feeling the boy latch his lips onto the back of his neck and pull his back against his muscular stomach. "tae, hoseok has mixed some new drinks and wants you to try them!" namjoon slurred, grabbing his wrist and dragging him along.

jungkook groaned, looking at the large bulge in his tight pants he trailed along, following the drunken red head into the crowd and watched as he sat at a table, one of his friends— presumably 'hoseok' passing him the large glass of alcohol. taehyung giggled and slurred his words, not loud enough to be heard over the deafening music but still loud enough for jungkook to realise he was going to chug it. the ravenette didn't even care, he just wanted to get the boy alone and fuck him. god, taehyung had made him so horny. the boy sat in one of the dirty red booths where the boys were sat, all of them but taehyung giving him a weird look. "chill," he chuckled, his hand resting on taehyung's thigh. "what you drinking baby?" the red head hiccuped and shrugged. "hobi hyung made it for me!" he leaned his head on the broad shoulder that belonged to jungkook.

"how about we have a competition, who can chug their half first?" the ravenette grabbed two slightly smaller glasses and poured the purplish (he guessed because he couldn't tell from the constant colour change with the flashing lights) liquid into both of the glasses, not caring if some beer was in the bottom of it. "here princess." the silver haired man glared at jungkook, his pale skin and deadly gaze making the previous alcohol sit unevenly in his stomach. "you ready?" taehyung slurred, picking up the heavy glass and putting it to his lips, immediately he began chugging the fizzy liquid. the boy had taken large gulps and they burnt his throat, making him feel tingly, but he was destined to beat the other. the red head slammed the glass on the table and smirked proudly, "i'm finished!" he stood up and began wondering into the crowd. "do anything stupid and you're fucking dead." a skinny, pale ravenette spat. jungkook nodded, and followed the dizzy boy. who slowly made his way upstairs to the bedrooms.

"i've wanted to do this since i first laid my eyes on you." jungkook slammed the door shut and crawled on top of the older. taehyung blushed and took his bottom lip inbetween his pearly teeth. harsh friction filled moves caused the two to grunt and grind off of eachover quicker, the red head growing impatient.

"you're my slutty kitty. look at you getting all worked up." taehyung nodded, accepting the harsh truth and tilted his neck upwards so jungkook could nibble on it and mark him. the blonde felt his pants painfully tighten. "p-please." he felt himself melt into jungkook's addictive touch and manly scent. "please what, slut?" a needy groan and breathy pant left the boy's parted lips. "you only met me tonight and you're already begging for my cock. is this how you behave with others?" taehyung shook his head. "o-only f-for you." butterflies fluttered in the olders stomach as he wrapped his hands around the youngers neck and connected their lips. a heated sensation vibrated through their bodies as their tongues and teeth clashed as jungkooks lips moved against taehyung's soft ones. the blonde was immediately lost with the passion as whimpers emitted from his throat. jungkook's tongue flicked against the youngers lips, asking for enterance, taehyung gladly obliged and let his tongue swarm in. their tongues battled for dominance, but a little while after— taehyung submitted to him , letting his tongue invade every inch of his cavern. jungkook wrapped his muscular arms around taehyung's slim waist, his veiny hands gripping onto his bum, massaging it with his finger tips causing him to yelp excitedly.

the male with ebony hair, unbuttoned his tight shorts and dropping them down his gorgeous, thick thighs. taehyung watched as he saw them pool at his ankles. the boy began unbuttoning jungkook's black uniform— his fingers playfully grazing his soft skin. taehyung pulled away from the kiss, breathless and gasping for air and watched as the youngers chest rise heavily. he had a murderous smirk plastered onto his face as he watched jungkook take a step behind him and began sucking more merlot love bites into his neck and gently chewing taehyung's jawline and earlobe as he grabbed his boxers and pulled the baby blue material away from his tanned stomach, his long fingers pinching the skin under his belly button making him moan. the older pushed his hands into taehyung's boxers, grabbing his hardened member and pumping it— as he stood behind him, still gently chewing on his sensitive skin and rubbing his free hand up and down his overly sensitive body. some off his fingers gently rubbed the underside of his cock causing him to throw his head back in a pleasurably way and groan. jungkook rubbed his own aching erection against the olders ass sending gastly chills down his spinal cord. "f-fuck" taehyung's knot in his stomach tightened as he clenched his thighs. "p-please don't make me cum like this." the boy said with watery eyes only to moan loudly as the older found his sweetspot under his ear and blow some cold air and work his tongue on it.  "who said you're only going to cum once?" the boy's orgasm was near and he blissfully threw his head back again and came all over jungkook's hand and in his blue boxers. he panted loudly as the older unbuttoned his shorts and spun him around letting him admire the tent in his pants. "arrest me, officer" taehyung reaches out and began palming his solid cock, drawing some moans from his lips. "you've been so bad dancing with other men." jungkook grabbed taehyung again and pushed him against the wall and dropped his soaked boxers. "you're so wet for me, already." he smacked his ass and watched as it jiggled, letting the redness rise to the surface of his skin. displaying a large handprint. jungkook walked to his drawer and grabbed a bottle of plain lube, flipping the cap up. "f-fuck, hurry up" he cleared his throat. "you're not a virgin are you baby?" taehyung shook his head. "obviously not."

he rolled his eyes. "i've had bigger men." another harsh slap tingled his thigh making taehyung jerk forward, enjoying the pain. "i bet they won't fuck you as good as me." he squinted some of the liquid onto his fingers and taehyung behind, making the boy shiver and whine. "cold." jungkook pushed one of his long fingers into the boy's heat, plunging in and outwards swiftly. taehyung moaned loudly, the music from downstairs shaking the house slightly. adding another couple digits, the ravenette had three fingers curling into the boys clenching hole. "i-i'm close." he moaned in pure bliss. his thighs began trembling and jungkook pulled out, denying his orgasm.

"n-no, you c-can't do that." big, fat tears pooled in his chocolate eyes as jungkook clicked his tongue and pulled down his black spandex boxers, letting his painfully hard cock spring free, slapping his abs, precum already gathered at the tip. jungkook placed his tip at taehyungs heat and gradually pushed himself in— inch by inch until the older let out gagged moans. "tell me when to move." he placed his larger hands over taehyung's (which were flat on the wall) and waiting for his signal. "n-now." the ravenette began thrusting in and out fleetly causing the red head to cry out in pleasure, drool dripping down his chin as his hooded eyes fluttered. tears pricked the boy's eyes as his legs shook. jungkook's bottom lip was wedged inbetween his teeth and short deep groans left from his throat as taehyung's velvety walls rubbed him in all of the right places. "s-so good for me, you're doing so good." the praise sent tingles down the submissives neck. "you like being praised huh?" he weakly nodded. "shit im close princess." jungkook's last final thrusts were deep and slow. until taehyung let out a scarily high pitched moan, letting taehyung know that jungkook had found his prostate. beads of sweat were dripping down his whole body as he shot his load, deep inside of taehyung and the older shortly followed— coming untouched. "that was hot." the ebony haired boy lifted taehyung up and placed him onto his bed, under the blankets.

the younger curled up into a small ball and groaned as jungkook slid under the covers next to him and wrapped his arms around the fragile boy who was drifting into a slumber.

"that was the best sex i've ever had."

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