Chapter 4 - Why?

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hey! so this is a very short chapter (shortest one ive ever written!)but the most important to date :) and it's in Liam's POV! :)

Anda huge happy birthday to one of my best mates Heather, if you read FoN you'll know i did this last year so it feels wierd to think i've been posting stories for over a year now... wow. anyway I'll stop babbling and let you read :)

Chapter 4

Liam's POV

I smiled and kissed Danielle goodnight on the cheek. But it just didn't feel right. Nothing I'd done with her felt right anymore. Kissing, hugging, going out, none of it. And I have no idea why. I forced another smile and waved as she left then shut my door. Then my mind wandered to Niall. He was moving in tomorrow as part of this fake dating thing. I don't know what made Louis think of it, why would he choose me and Niall to fake date? I suppose 'Niam' was a pretty prominent bromance but so was Ziall. And then there was his and Harry's, Narry I think it's called. Plus Nouis. Them two seemed to be pretty close nowadays, why did that make me feel, betrayed almost? But the kiss, I couldn't look. I was sure Niall would pick me but he didn't, instead he chose Louis. The kiss, it made my stomach churn. Why was that? Why... I seemed to be constantly asking myself that. Why was I so confused constantly? There it is again... Why, why, why?

I shook my head to try clear it and wandered into my room. I pulled my shirt over my head and changed into some joggers then collapsed onto the bed. I then attempted to sleep. And, after a while, I did.

a/n reallly really short but i hope it was good :) short but sweet ;) x

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