Chapter 2 - Lovesick

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Chapter 2

'So where are we going?' I asked Liam

'I'm not sure; we were thinking the cinema then food?' Liam replied, glancing at Danielle

'Yeah sounds good,' Zayn agreed.

The cinema ended up as torture. We went to watch a romantic-comedy and I had to sit next to Liam and Danielle, cuddled up together. About halfway in, Liam leaned in to kiss her. I ended up running out the place and to the bathroom where I sat and let the tears fall.

'Niall?' I heard Liam call 'Nialler?'

'In here,' I replied, shakily.

'What's wrong?' he asked, seeing my tear-stained face instantly

'I just don't feel too good,' I lied 'Think I must've caught whatever Lou's got,' I told him. I doubt it unless Louis is lovesick...

'Oh, do you want me to take you home?' he asked

'No, its fine I'll ask Zayn and you can stay with Danielle,' I insisted

'No, I'll take you now, stay here and I'll go tell them now,' he said, sitting me down on a step. A few minutes later he reappeared and wrapped his arm around me as we left the cinema.


'Do you want some soup Niall?' Liam said, poking his head round the door. I'd come home to get away from Liam and think about things and he wouldn't leave. He refused to leave the flat and he was 'looking after' me. I was confined to my bed. I shook my head at his question and he shrugged, coming to sit next to me.

'So how are you feeling?'

'I'm just tired, I think I need to sleep,' I hinted

'Oh okay, I'll be at mine so just text me if you need anything,' he said, kidding my head and leaving the room. I immediately got my phone to text Lou and found I already had a text from him.

From: Louis

Heard you caught my illness, want to talk? x

To: Louis

Please! But isn't Harry there? x

From: Louis

No, he's just gone out to Liam's x

To: Louis

Alright, see you soon? x

A few minutes after Louis ran into my room and hugged me.


'Woah what?' I laughed, hugging him back

'I'm so bored, I've been trapped in by Harry since you left!' he whined

'Oh okay,'

'So let's talk, why are you 'ill'?' he asked, cuddling up to me in my bed.

'Well, I just couldn't deal with Liam and Danielle being all loved up,' I shrugged

'Ah I see, can I tell you something Niall?'

'Sure what's up?'

'I think Liam likes you,' he stated

'No, he doesn't. He's straight and has a girlfriend Lou,' I said as if he was dumb

'You offered to let Zayn take you home but Liam insisted he would then he stays to look after you? It makes it kind of obvious,'

'Louis he doesn't,'




'Lou can we just sleep?' I asked and he nodded, pulling my head onto his chest and hugging me. Not in an intimate way at all. Most people don't think we're that close, its Louis and Harry then me and Liam and Zayn is generally group with me and Liam. But Louis is probably the most trustworthy.

'I love you Lou,' I muttered

'Love you too Nialler,' he replied

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