Chapter 3 - Third Time's a Charm...

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Chapter 3

Louis had convinced me to play up to the whole 'sick' thing. I 'recovered' yesterday and Louis on the Thursday. Now it was Saturday and the girls were round. Again. I didn't really mind but it did mean I had to endure some more Daniam or whatever it was called. They came round most Saturdays and we messed around watching films and playing games. Today Louis had chosen Truth or Dare and tweeted it so we were getting a selection of truths and dares from our fans.

'So Danielle, truth or dare?' Louis grinned

'Truth,' she laughed

'Who would you most like to kiss in here, excluding Liam?'

'Hm I'd have to say El,' she winked

'SHE'S MINE!' Louis yelled, kissing Eleanor on her cheek before spinning the bottle again.

'Niall! Truth or dare?' he questioned

'Dare...' I said hesitantly

'I dare you to snog a boy in this room and it has to last at least three minutes,' he chuckled. Crap. Who? I glanced around the other four boys in the room. I couldn't kiss Liam; it would just make me feel worse.

'Who's timing?' I asked and Esther held up her phone timer, set to three minutes. Laughing I knelt in front of Louis.

'Hey there,' I chuckled.

'A bit of Nouis going on is there?' he replied, winking at me before wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling my forwards so I was basically straddling him. Then I leaned forwards and pressed my lips to his. For the third time in a week I was kissing one of my guy best mates.

'Snog. We're not starting the timer until it’s a proper snog,' one of the boys teased. Lou licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth. It was weird as hell, I mean I wasn't completely disgusted and neither was Louis it seemed. Even though I picked him, he dominated the kiss, moving his lips against mine. My arms went around his neck and his stayed on my waist as we kissed. I heard Esther's phone beep in the background and a few seconds later we pulled away from each other.

The other eight were fanning themselves dramatically and jokingly.

'That was getting pretty heated,' Harry winked and everyone laughed and we joined in with it but another question had wedged itself into my head. A few more truths and dares went round before I had another go.

'Hm dare Niall?' Louis grinned

'Go for it, I won't forfeit anything,' I smirked cockily

'Okay... Let me think...' he said, pausing while stroking his chin 'I know. I dare you to fake date Liam until the next birthday,'

'What?' I gasped

'What would that include?' Liam added

'Well basically act like a couple all the time. So you don't have to like confirm it and make out in front of paps but you do have to move in together, kiss each other occasionally in public but it doesn't have to be lips, go on dates...' Louis trailed off

'What sort of a dare is that?' I asked, trying to stay calm

'A good one. Can you imagine all the articles on it and things? Plus it will be a laugh for everyone!' Louis stated and I could see everyone thinking about it and slowly smiling.

'Louis, please can I speak to you. Privately?' I asked, taking deep breathes. I felt like I was trapped, enclosed. I was feeling claustrophobic yet the room was nowhere near small.

'Alright,' Louis stood up and followed me into the kitchen

'What's up?'

'I can't do it, that dare,' I insisted

'Yeah you can, I'm helping you here,' he smiled

'You don't understand, I can't do it, I'll embarrass myself and make things awkward!' I told him

'I doubt it,'

That's how I ended up where I was now; stood in the living room and being forced into fake dating the guy I loved...

A/N :O THERE'S THE SNOG YOU REQUESTED! you little cheeky so-and-so's ;) it was so wierd writing a boyxboy snog even if at the end of the day its the same as normal but typing he instead of she ;)

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