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The party, to everyone’s surprise, was fun. It was nice to relax and talk and laugh. Sam felt like he hadn’t enjoyed himself with his family in forever. He sat next to Bobby, who he had found out was blackmailed into allowing the party to happen, and Castiel, who stared down at his slice of cake with curiosity. Despite having most of his family there, Sam regretted that Chuck, Ellen and Jo, Garth and even Crowley, weren’t there. But there was someone he was glad wasn’t there. A short, charming and self-assured someone.

Sam looked across the table to find Tasha looking at him with a knowing look in her dark eyes. She gave him a cheeky smile, her lip ring pushing to the side slightly. He looked away from her guiltily but, to his horror, Bobby was asking Balthazar the million dollar question.

“So, where’s Gabriel? He’s team free will, isn’t he?”

“What, thought you could have cake without me? Please”

Sam choked on his breathe as everyone looked down the table to find the Trickster-turned-angel standing at the end of the table, his golden-brown hair shining in the afternoon sun.

“Speak of the devil” Tasha said.

“No, that would be my brother”

The table laughed and he sat down next to Tasha and suddenly everyone was perfectly content again. The chatter picked up but Sam was concentrating on looking at his utensils as if they were the most fascinating thing he had ever seen. He felt as if his cheeks were on fire and that surely anybody could see the hickey on his neck like a blinking light. His senses were perfectly aware of Gabriel, who sat across from him, laughing casually with Tasha. Sam knew that if he didn’t get away soon, he was going to faint from the pressure of not looking at The Trickster. Standing up abruptly, making Castiel turn to him curiously, Sam muttered something about needing to use the bathroom and rushed away as quickly as he could without causing suspicion.

Slamming the door behind him, Sam leaned against it and gratefully sucked in a breath that didn’t reek of chocolate.

Why does he have to be here?!

Sam tried his best to forget that day but his body betrayed him. The thought of him made him flush even though he knew that Gabriel was a trickster and probably just wanted to get a rise out of Sam. Running a hand through his hair roughly, Sam walked forward to rest his hands on the desk.

“You shouldn’t be so rough with your mane, Samsquatch. I happen to like it”

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