Candy store

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“All I can smell is bloody sugar. Did you rob a candy store or something?!” Dean asked his brother irately, scrunching up his nose. Sam, who had been staring at the passing streetlights out of his window and listening to the quiet hum of the impala, snapped to attention and pushed his long hair behind his ear. His eyes darted to Dean’s face and back to his clasped hands guiltily. Memories of a warm mouth pressed to his neck flashed through his mind as he muttered “No”

Dean didn’t look away from the road but raised an eyebrow. “No? Did you find my sugar-stash? Cause if I find out you’ve gone and eaten it all, you’re going to have to call Cas to fix your face”

“No, I didn’t eat your damn candy stash”

Dean shook his head muttering “Whatever” He turned up the radio. The over-familiar notes of “black betty” filled the silence between the brothers. Sam let out a nervous breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding and turned to look back out the window. A candy store, indeed

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