Q&A little space

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Q1. Favourite Disney movie?

Lilo and stitch, Moana, Finding Nemo and The princess and the from 

Q2. Talk about your stuffies

I don't really have a stuffie I just haven't found the right one yet but hopefully soon

Q3. Favourite little snacks?

My favourite little snacks are ice-cream, choccy, mac and cheese, toasties and soup

Q4. Do you have a daddy/caregiver?

No I don't and I don't think my partner would want to do it anyway

Q5. Perfect little date

The perfect little date for me is a blanket fort and a horror movie marathon with snackies and pizza

Q6. Do you use a paci?

Yes I do and I absolutely love it. Even when not in little space it helps me and soothes me when on the verge of a panic attack and helps me sleep plus apparently I don't snore as much with it in my mouth vs without.

Q7. Do you use diapers?

No I don't I don't think there for me but i do like them in erotic videos (Hehe) Every little is different  I suppose 

Q8. Favourite little activity?

ATM I like curling up in my blanky paci in my mouth and watching finding nemo. Also blowing bubbles, bath time (Who doesn't hey), and colouring. 

Q9. little inspiration

I love watching binkie princess and Riley's little space i think they are my inspirations ATM.

Q10. Favourite little TV show

My little pony, curious George or rugrats

Q11. Do you have pets?

Yes I have two cats. Saphira is a girl with black fur and there is mojo (Off of power puff girls) he looks like a Maine coon 

Q12. Do you participate in pet play?

Never tried it but I'm not really interested in it 

Q13. talk about someone special

My partner of two years and continuing is my favourite special he makes me laugh and is sooo caring. The valentines just gone is our 2nd since we met.

Q14. Favourite little space drink 

Apple juice and iced coffee

Q15. What's your little age/range?

3-5 years 

Q16. Do you have a blankie?

Yes my mother got me one for my 16th birthday its a medium size owl blankie

Q17. Last picture I coloured?

Does Cross stitch world count 

Does Cross stitch world count 

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Q18. Talk about your favourite season

My favourite season is winter. You have more fashion categories you can choose from, you can curl up in front of the heater and read a book and all the hot chocolate drinks you can ask for. 

Q19. What are your fears?

My fears are thunder and loosing my boyfriend (Even though he will never) 

Q20. What your favourite Disney princess?

Mulan, Tiana and repunzel

Q21. Are you little 24/7?

No I set time for little space because I do have responsibilities in the adult world

Q22. Favourite smell?

Wax melts Pumpkin spice flavour OMG its sooooo good. The whole house smells like it when I melt them 

Q23. What always gets you into little space?

Watching binkie princess 

Q24. What's your bedtime routine?

Tea, watch movie, bath, cup of tea, brush teeth, and wait till i'm sleepy then I go to bed

Q25. What's your morning routine?

Wake up, have breakfast, make cup of tea, have my medicine, have shower, put on clothes and do some chore before I start the day 

Q26. My favourite cup/sippy cup?

My Harley quinn mug and my Santa Claus sippy cup I got for Christmas last year 

Q27. Crayons, Textas, pain or pencils?

My favourite is textas and felt tip pens

Q28. Describe your own  mythical pet?

A dragon thats a bogget. When I'm angry I can telepathically tell the dragon to transform into what people are scared of

Q29. Favourite wild animal

The barn owl Tyto Alba Alba

Q30. Favourite dessert

Apple pie, ice cream, sticky date pudding and self sauce chocolate pudding 

Hope you like the little Q&A so you know a little bit about me 

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