Rules, punishments and rewards

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There can be many rules, punishments and rewards for littles with or without a caregiver. Some can be minor and some can be severe but always remember to talk about the punishment that your worried about to your partner and use your safe word. I'm going to talk about that in the next couple of chapters so you don't have to worry.

Here are some examples of rules for littles with a caregiver:

* Always refer to me as daddy, mommy (What ever you want your little to call you)

* Always eat your vegetables at meal time

* Medication is to be always taken (Whenever your little has to)

* Always to use our manners like "Please" and "Thank you"

* Brush your teethies every morning and night

*No talking to strangers

* When mommy or daddy says its time to sleep its bed time

* Take a bath or shower every morning and night

* Don't forget to wear deoderant before you go out anywear (We want princess or prince to be smelling lovely)

* Respect your caregiver and you'll recieve respect

* Clean your room everyday and keep it clean

* Always tell your caregiver when your going somewere

* Tell caregiver whats wrong when your upset

* Your must not self harm in any way or hurt yourself in any way


* Time out

*No candy or favourite snacks

* writing lines

* orgasm denial (not for minors only 18+)

* cold shower

* Self spanking

* No social media

* Whatever caregiver sees fit


*Caregiver attention

* Stay up past bed time

* Movie night or marathon

* Road trip, Zoo or build a bear (If little is really good)

* blanket fort

* Permission to play/ orgasm (18+ only)

* New stuffies

* Candy/sweets

* Back rubs

* Cinema trip

* Cinema trip

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Here are some examples of rules for littles who haven't got a caregiver:

* Don't hurt yourself or others

* Bed time is no later then 11:00 pm 23:00

* Remember self care is super duper important for mental, physical and spiritual health

* Remember personal hygiene like shower everyday and night, brush teeth everyday and night, deodorant and washing hair ect.

* Take medication everyday

* Daily chores are to be completed before I do anything

* Feed pets if you have any

* Stay hydrated

Whatever you want on your rules list add it on


* No snacks/candy

* Early bedtime

* no games, movies or TV shows for a hour

* No paci for 1 night

* Cleaning room spotless

* Self spankings

* No cuddles with your partner if you have one

* Have a bath with no bubbles or toys


*Bubble bath with nice smelling soap and toys

* Warm milk and cookies

* A self read story book

* Shopping spree (Wit budget)

* Build a blanket fort

* Disnety movie marathon

* No chores for a day

* Color all day

* Buy a new disney movie

* Have your favourite snack for breakfast

I hope everyone has had a good day. Hoping you like my book and theres more to come comment down below to give me some topics for the next chapter.

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