How to fall into little space?

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This section is going to be divided into two parts. Littles with caregivers and littles who don't.

For the caregiver

Littles sometimes need help from their caregiver to get into little space because of many reasons. You didn't do anything wrong its just sometimes simple items or ideas don't get us into little space. So here are some ideas to help your little when they can't get into little space:

* Sit them on your lap and let them lay on your chest whilst you play with their hair or patting their bottom

* Give them lots of kisses and all the cuddles in the world

* Nappy changing time can be a great bonding experience if your little wears nappies or pull ups

* Buy them a stuffie or take them to build-a-bear

* Putting his/her paci in their mouth when putting them down for a nap

* Run your little a bubble bath with lots of bubbles, light candles and add toys to play with

* Sit down and watch a movie or tv show of their choice

* Feed them at meal time because more likely they will be messy

Here are some helpful examples to help yourself get into little space:

* Surround yourself with stuffies

* Put your favourite movie or TV show on that you like to watch in little space

* Watch binkie princess, Riley's little space or stevop (These help me but you don't have use them if you don't want to)

* Blow bubbles

* Play dress up

* bake and decorate cupcakes (Don't use the oven if you don't trust your self or if your not allowed to. Be careful around the oven)

* Listen to Melanie Martinez, Disney or whatever you want to listen to

* Cuddles with a stuffies or a pet if you have one

* Listen to lullabies on YouTube

* tea party with your stuffies

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