Little space food ideas

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Here are some examples of little space food ideas if your having trouble on what to find.

* Dino Nuggets

* Dinosaur shaped pasta

* Apple sauce

* Apple juice

* Goldfish

* Sandwiches cut up into squares or triangles

* Sandwiches cut up into squares or triangles

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* Cut up fruit and vegetables

* Chocolate milk

* If you like baby food you can buy or make your own baby food

* For breakfast you can have little cut up pieces of cut bacon, fruit and some scrambled eggs with some iced coffee if your allowed to have coffee

* Pancakes

* Fruit puree packets

* Child yoghurt tubs

* Fruit loops

* Cheese balls, burger rings or French fries (All Australian)

* Frozen meals like Mac and cheese or lasagna

* Fairy bread

*  Mac and cheese

* Bake cupcakes and decorate them

* Make a pizza and put whatever topping you want

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