The Mischievous (18+)

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     Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live out your daydream? Well theres no daydreaming for us. These are our lives, and we're the Mischievous.


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This is a new story that a friend of mine and I thought I should write. Im starting college in July at art institute, yay. So I'm not always going to have time to write. Some of you might ask 'well what happened to the other two stories you have'? No I have not giving up on them Its just the longer I put off updating them or I get bored withit. I will find time in the future the to update them again. So any who, this book will have a different story for each chapter with different characters. Doing different naughty things. I hope you like!!

•°Oh and just a tip you have to follow me to read because this is are stricted story and you won't get all the chapters if you dont. And please please please don't read if you not  18+. °•

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