Mr. Hiton (The Teacher)

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"Have you seen the English teacher?" My Bestfriend Emily asked when I closed my locker door. Meet Emily Parks, my one and only friend since the second grade. I wasnt and still isn't the type to socialize. Emily just happened to be my next my door neighbor and we forced to play together. Em is one of the pretties girl in school that isn't artificial or with a stick up her ass.

"No." we turned to make our way down the hall towards third period. "If he looks like he belongs in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, I'm getting my classes changed."

"Try from heaven, the man looks like a fùcking God! I wanted to jump his bones when he came out of copy room." He must be sexy for Em to go into heat. One thing about her is that she doesn't date high school boys. Her last boyfriend was 24, her dad found out and almost killed the guy.

"Down girl." I say as we walk into class- English class to be exact. Emily walked in swinging her hips more then she had to. Me that was a different story. I froze at the door as if the earth stood still, and no im not being dramatic. The. Earth. Stood. Fùcking Still. This guy- this man is gorgeous. He was leaning in front of his desk greeting students as they came in. his dark hair was like he's been running his hands through it all morning. He was wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow, and a black tie. Don't even get me started on his jeans.

"Come on in don't be shy." he said. His voice was so deep and husky, it was a crime. To be as beautiful as he was is a damn crime. I just stood in the door way with my mouth open like a lovestruck fish.

"Whats your name." I tried to anwser I really did, but voice desided it didnt won't to work. I mean no I wasn't a big talker. I could have a conversion say nothing but mmh and nodding every once and while for crying out loud and he want to tell him my name? Yea we'll see how that turns out.

"A-Aria." I whispered.

"Well Aria, the bell just rung and your not in the class or at your sit. Theres something you need to know about me, all of you need to know about me." He looks over the whole class and back to me with his stunning brown eyes. "And thats I dont like when people are late. So therefore miss Aria, you have detention today after school-." Oh hell no.

"Thats bullshit I didnt do anything!" The class gaped. He rised an eyebrow shocked at what I just said. I was shocked my damn self. I've never in my 18 years of life talked to an adult like that.

"You can add another day to that, now sit down before I send you to the principal's office." He didnt look mad no, just amused. I dont think this was a entertainment moment here! I just said bullshit to my teacher. I make my way to my sit with my eyes on the floor. When I sit down I look over to my left at Em. Her eyes were inch from fall to her desk and hitting the floor.

"What the hell has gotting into you?" she whispers.

"I don't know. I didn't even know what I was say until I said it."

"Well keep it up. I like this bad bitch in you, its sexy."

"Of course you do." I say taking out my notebook.

"Ok class, I'm Mr. Hiton and I'm your new English teacher. I can be your best and laid teacher-." I would like to lay you on something alright. What am I thinking, stop it Aria.

"Or I can be your most hated and despised teacher you will ever meet.I suggest you don't get on my bad side." As he says this he looks at no one but me.

"So how about we get started. Today we will be talking about poetry. There are all types of poetry. Can anyone tell me does types?"

"Romance. " someone in the back of the class said.

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