Chapter 1 - Fireworks

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HEY! i seem to be rewarding you cuz I did my revision... oh well here's the new chapter of it... i made that sexy Niam picture to the side with the edited kiss :L :) xx

Chapter 1

**A week before**

'Aw I love that film!' Liam grinned.

'Yes Liam, we all know you love Toy Story,' I chuckled at him and the other guys and girls joined in.

'So now what do you want to do?' Zayn asked

'How about a game of Spin the Bottle?' Louis smiled cheekily. Everyone else agreed so I nodded as well.

Louis grabbed a bottle while we all gathered around into a circle. I looked around the ten of us, obviously me, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry were here and then Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie plus two of Eleanor's friends. Louis and Eleanor were trying to set me and Harry up with them. I smiled at the shy girl sat with me. Her name was Aeli and she was cute and really nice but I just didn't like her like that. Louis skipped back in with a bottle and plonked himself down in between Eleanor and Harry and grinned

'Let’s begin,'

'Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!' we chanted. After a laboured sigh Louis and Esther kissed briefly. It was only a game so none of us really cared. So far Danielle and Harry, Perrie and Liam, Zayn and Louis and Eleanor and Danielle had kissed. Harry grabbed the bottle and spun it, landing on Esther again. He grinned and leaned over, locking lips with her. A few minutes later, Louis coughed loudly and they broke apart, giggling. Liam shook his head, laughing and spun the bottle. It went round the circle a few times before slowing to a stop. On me.

Everybody began shouting at us to kiss and I glanced over at him. He shrugged and I edged over hesitantly. I bit my lip slightly and Liam bent his head and pressed his lips to mine. My eyes widened automatically. His lips were rough but it felt, well, right. He pulled back and smiled at me. I smiled back, half in a daze. It was amazing but that could've just been the alcohol in my system. I spun the bottle for my turn and it landed on Aeli. I quickly pressed me lips to hers and, wasting no time, she kissed me back. I tangled my hands in her hair, pushing all thoughts of Liam to the back of my mind.

When we broke apart I draped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into my side as I took another swig of beer.


'Niall! Get up!' I heard someone yell and I opened my eyes slowly.

'Yes Liam?' I groaned

'Get up! It's almost twelve,'

'Do we have anywhere to be?' I asked, wanting to avoid him until I could fully comprehend what happened last night

'Well no, but we were thinking of going out later,'' he said

'Okay, okay, I'll get up soon,' I promised him as he left.

I was impressed with myself for acting so cool and not getting flustered like I'd expected. I sounded like a girl and her new crush! Wait did I have a crush on Liam? Grabbing my phone, I texted the first person I could think of to help me.

'So tell me again?' he said 'You felt like fireworks when you kissed?'

'It was beyond all that,' I sighed

'Well are you sure? Was did it feel like kissing Aeli, like in comparison?' he asked

'I kissed Aeli?' I said and he nodded 'I don't remember. I remember the beginning of the game and kissing Liam but not anything else,'

'Great,' he said sarcastically 'Have you kissed anyone else recently?'

'No, not really recently,' I shrugged and he groaned. Then he leaned forwards and locked lips with me.

A few seconds later he pulled away.

'What was that for?' I exclaimed

'A comparison. Now did you feel anything there?' he asked and I shook my head 'So it is just Liam. So do you think you are gay?'

'I'm not sure, it’s really confusing. Would you guys hate me if I was?' I said

'Niall, I just kissed you. I'm not going to be mad if you're gay, neither will the other guys. We're best mates through anything,' he grinned

'Well I don't think so, I don't know, I think it's just Liam,' I shrugged

'When did you start liking him?'

'Um well during the X Factor I had a little crush on him I guess, but I thought it would just go away,' I admitted

'And it hasn't?'

'No obviously it hasn't or we wouldn't be sitting here talking about it,' I sighed

'I see,' he replied, trying to sound wise but it just made us both fall about laughing.

'Niall! Are you up yet? Oh hi Lou,' Liam said as he walked into my room

'Hey Li,' he grinned

'Are you ready Niall? I want to go out,' Liam checked

'Erm I guess so,' I replied, glancing down at my jeans and tee I'd thrown on.

'Finally! Let's go,' he insisted, grabbing my hand 'Lou do you want to join us?'

'No, I'm not feeling too good, I think I'll just go back to bed,' he said, feigning sickness. I glared at him over my shoulder as he followed me out.

Harry was then looking after Lou but Zayn did join us thankfully and so did Danielle. I wished she could do something bad but at the end of the day she was perfect for Liam. She was beautiful, sweet, kind, and nice and I don't think she had a bad bone in her body. I couldn't find any way to hate her yet I wanted to because she had the one thing I wanted. Liam's love...

A/N i seem to have a thing for Nouis as well.... ;) ah well

the song is Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift... its quite fitting if you think of Drew as Liam and Niall as Taylor and 'that girl' is Danielle :) xx

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