4 - Morgan: Present Day

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The Seer opened his eyes.

Something wasn't right.

He looked at the bedside clock: close to one.

The Seer lay in bed staring into the darkness. He focused his mind to see ahead.

He saw a young man barely old enough to grow hair on his chest, dark hair, darker eyes, tall and thin. He had a young woman at his side, and another boy, practically identical in size and complexion to the first, but for the eyes. The second boy's eyes were lighter, both in colour and in deed.

He recognized the second boy as his charge, Zulu. The girl seemed strangely familiar, but he could not quite put a finger on from where. The first boy seemed oddly familiar as well, though Morgan felt sure their paths had never crossed.

Still, there was something about that one...

He was old, Morgan reflected, and getting older by the day. His mind wasn't as sharp as it once was. He should remember things like this—whom he'd met, whom he'd known—but his memory seemed to grow cloudier with each rise of the sun.

His vision told him the paths of the three young'uns would intersect at some point in the near future, though under what circumstance and to what end was not revealed to him.

The Seer breathed deeply as he stared out into the darkness. Colours began to eddy and swirl in his vision and then Morgan Dappleford, aka the Seer, sunk into a deep sleep.

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