5 - Malchus: Present Day

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Malchus awoke to the sound of white noise, not unlike the soft pound of waves against the beach on a summer's eve. He resisted the urge to shield his eyes from the flickering box on the table across the room. From his time spent imprisoned in what he and those condemned to the same fate knew as "The Great Beyond," Malchus learned the box was something called a television. In the times he was able to project his consciousness from the heights and depths of The Great Beyond he was able to witness war, famine, and suffering in the flicker of that damn box, was able to witness the evil inflicted by man upon man, and he was pleased. Malchus relished each and every time he was able to eavesdrop on the world, because each and every time he did, he was assured the time of his rebirth was fast approaching.

And now it was upon him.

Malchus breathed. It was good to breathe again, to have lungs, a body. He was relieved to discover that all of his senses had survived the rebirth as well.

Malchus smelled musk. Sweat. Lilacs.


He felt downy hair tingle against his cheek.

The girl. What did she call herself again?

Oh, yes—Sheila.

The girl stirred. Malchus propped himself up on one arm and looked around.

Long green woollen shag on the floor. Enough wooden panelling to deforest an entire acre. Squeaky springs beneath a sheath of manmade cloth they called microfibre.

Where was he?

He breathed again tuning out the smell of the girl, Sheila.

He smelled dampness. The body he wore shivered from the cold.

Footsteps approached.

Malchus gently lowered the head of his new body onto the couch cushion and played asleep.

"Sheila?" a woman's voice called. The stairs creaked as the woman began her descent. "Sheila? Are you down there?"

The girl sighed and sat up. "Mom?"

"There you are!

"Your bed wasn't slept in last night. I was worried."

Malchus sat up. The resemblance between the angelic face from last night and that of the woman on the stairs was striking.

"Oh, hi, Hal," the woman said. "I wasn't expecting you to be here at this hour."

"Mom!" The girl, suddenly awake, bolted to her feet. "I swear, Mom, we fell asleep in front of the television. Nothing happened!" She made a sweeping motion outward with both hands.

The woman on the stairs removed a small terrycloth towel from her shoulder and wiped her hands on it. She smiled. "I know," she said, sweetly. "I trust you." Her brows knit together and her voice warned, "More importantly, I trust Hal.

"Now, both of you: get upstairs, get washed up, and come to breakfast." The woman turned and exited back up the stairs.

"Sorry about that," the girl said. She smiled and her face waxed cherubic.

"Your mother cares deeply for you," Malchus said, voice sounding mousey, almost pre-pubescent. He used to have a grand set of vocal chords before his first body died. His voice boomed respect, commanded attention. He cleared his throat.

"Duh," the girl said. Malchus drank in the elixir of her laugh.

"Come," she said drawing him up by the wrist. "I smell pancakes.

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